The Road to Success through Paid Social Amplification

Wishpond was happy to publish this awesome infographic from Jennifer Landry and

This introduction and infographic gets straight into some impressive statistics about social amplification, giving you the best approach to each major social network’s ad structure and some interesting figures to go along.

Let’s check it out!

The Basics 2.0

Advertising is an integral part of any marketing campaign. The essential first stages of building product or brand awareness and then generating interest are also the most important and the most delicate stages of the discovery-to-purchasing process. One of the most influential tools being used in this process today is social networking.

Companies are seeking to win over any one of the over 1.5 billion social network connected consumers. Running a social media marketing campaign requires due diligence, quality content, and devoted upkeep – though these things will only get you so far.

In many cases, having a large following doesn’t inherently lead to increases in revenue. Too often companies are putting out too much content with not enough focus to really stick. This is usually based on the mistaken assumption that the best course of action is to reach the most people possible with the same content. However, this notion is misguided.

SuperSize your ROI

True power in social media marketing is becoming (for many business) paid social amplification. Catering your content and advertising to a certain demographic is as powerful an idea as has ever existed in the world of marketing. 

Most paid social amplification options on the major social networks are actually extraordinarily affordable when compared with how many new sales or customers it would take to make up the cost.

The infographic below, “The Road to Success through Paid Social Amplification”, is a great breakdown of the best approach to each major social network’s ad structure and some interesting figures to go along with each.

Check it out for some insight on how to boost your impressions and truly reach the right places with the right content.


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By Jennifer Landry and


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