[Infographic] 7 Incredible Retargeting Ad Stats


Is your bounce rate high? Do you want your website visitors to come back?

Then you need to be using ad retargeting campaigns. Ad retargeting gives you the enviable power to directly target advertising campaigns to reach interested people. Retargeting places a small little code on people’s devices who’ve bounced from pages on your site. You then get to follow them around, persuading them to come on back to finish their purchase, tell them about an event, or offer them a free ebook and so on.

Pretty cool, right?

But do you know just how effective ad retargeting is?

Did you know:

  • That a website visitor who’s been retargeted with a display ad is 70% more likely to convert with you?
  • That 72% of online shoppers abandon their shopping cart and only 8% of those lost consumers return to complete the purchase?
  • That ad retargeting brings 26% of lost consumers back to finalize a sale?

Check out more stats you need to know in our infographic:

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By The Wishpond Content Team


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