The 9 Best Podcasts for Growth Hackers


Like most marketers, I don’t have time in the day to sit back and read as much content as I’d like. So I’ve found podcasts to be a great way to consume content while multi-tasking or commuting.

But sometimes it’s hard to find one that’s both interesting and valuable.

Over the last few months, I’ve listened to a quite a few different growth hacking podcasts to find the ones that are worthwhile.

In this article I’ll give you my curated list of the nine top podcasts for growth hackers of any skill level.

Here are my top nine podcasts for growth hackers (in no particular order):

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1. Zero to Scale: Two Entrepreneurs Take You Behind the Scenes In A Journey To $20k Per Month And Beyond

Podcast Hosts: Greg Hickman and Justin McGill

Greg and Justin both have businesses that are in the early stages of growth. Zero to Scale launched in April of 2015 but is already one of my favorites.

Greg Hickman: Greg is an entrepreneur who quit his corporate job to start his own business, Mobile Marketing Engine – both a mobile marketing agency and an education company for small businesses.

Justin McGill: Justin is an entrepreneur with an expertise in growth hacking. He started by launching a digital marketing agency in 2008, and has since started two other startups.

What is this podcast about?

Because their businesses are so fresh, this podcast is particularly helpful for startups just getting rolling or that are in the early stages. The two hosts discuss how they’re building their bootstrapped businesses from 0 to 20K per month in recurring revenue.

They openly discuss their successes and failures, sharing how other business professionals can increase their monthly revenue. They cover everything from getting your first customers to advanced growth hacking strategies. Entrepreneurs involved in SaaS, agency services or training programs will find this particularly interesting.

Here are my top three Zero to Scale podcast picks:

2. Seth Godin’s Startup School

Host: Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a well-known author, marketer and entrepreneur. He has two successful business ventures and has been involved in many other online-marketing and growth projects over the years.

What is this podcast about?

Seth Godin taught a three-day workshop for a group of 30 entrepreneurs and then turned it into a podcast series. The strategies discussed in this series are are generally for marketers with intermediate levels of experience with entrepreneurial topics.

Startup School discusses a variety of topics about entrepreneurship, marketing and sales. Seth Godin starts off with differentiating between a freelancer and an entrepreneur, and by the last episode he tells us why it’s important for your business to have a distinct voice.

Here are my top three Startup School podcast picks:

3. Mixergy

Host: Andrew Warner

Andrew is an entrepreneur, salesman and the Founder of Mixergy. His first business venture (founded when he was in his 20s) grew to more than $30 million per year in sales.

Mixergy is not just a podcast but also an online business that hosts courses that teach solutions to the issues founders come upon.

What is this podcast about?

With over 1,100 episodes, Mixergy is one of the larger and more popular podcast series. Andrew interviews new successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders each episode.

Andrew often discusses unique or uncomfortable details of successful entrepreneur’s struggles – for both them and their businesses. They talk about the biggest failures, but also more obscure theories such as “head trash” (find out what that means by listening to episode 1171 below).

They have a ton of great stories to educate entrepreneurs on how they can build and grow their businesses.

Here are my top three Mixergy podcast picks:

4. This Week in Startups

Host: Jason Calacanis

Jason is an entrepreneur, angel investor and a professional blogger. His first company was created during the dot-com era in New York. He has been the founder of several business ventures since.

What is this podcast about?

This Week in Startups features a variety of entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs (most recently Linkedin’s Jeff Weiner), and venture capitalists.

Jason shares the best, worst and most interesting stories from each week. This Week in Startups covers what’s new & noteworthy in the startup world. They also detail tactics for improving your business strategy and your team’s dynamics. This podcast is great for a variety of people interested in startups and entrepreneurship.

Here are my top three This Week in Startups podcast picks:

5. The #AskGaryVee Show

Host: Gary Vaynerchuk.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a passionate and well-known speaker, author, social media influencer and entrepreneur. He is also known as a wine guru.

What is this podcast about?

The #AskGaryVee Show Podcast is the audio version of his Youtube channel. The episodes are Q&A based: you tweet using the hashtag #AskGaryVee and he will answer questions about marketing, social media and entrepreneurship.

His episodes range from 1 minute to an hour – they can be a burst of wisdom from just one question, or an episode where he answers 24 questions in a lightning round.

Here are my top three #AskGaryVee Show podcast picks:

6. Rocketship

Hosts: Michael Sacca, Joelle Steiniger, Matt Goldman

Michael Sacca: The founder of WithCircle, writer, designer

Joelle Steiniger: Co-Founder of HookFeed

Matt Goldman: Co-Founder/Product of HookFeed

What is this podcast about?

Each week, Rocketship co-hosts interview an entrepreneur and discuss a variety of things such as startup and growth strategies.

Their episodes (numbering more than 140) consist of 20 minute interviews with successful startup founders who share stories (along with tips) about what they’ve learned over the years.

Here are my top three Rocketship podcast picks:

7. The Growth Show by Hubspot

Host: Mike Volpe

Mike is the CMO of Hubspot, where he specializes in growth hacking. He has helped the company grow from about a dozen beta customers to over 9,000 customers. He’s also one of the top 10 CMOs on Twitter.

What is this podcast about?

The Growth Show covers all aspects of growth for companies: growing an idea, a movement and a team.

Each week Mike sits down with a different entrepreneur or anyone who has achieved growth. They start off by introducing the featured business and then discuss the elements that contributed to growth of the business.

Here are my top three Growth Show podcast picks:

8. Entrepreneur on Fire

Host: John Lee Dumas

John is both the founder and host of Entrepreneur on Fire. He has found such success with podcasting that he’s written a book about it called, “Podcast Launch.”

What is this podcast about?

Entrepreneur on Fire is a popular podcast among entrepreneurs. John releases a new episode with a new entrepreneur each day – someone who has excelled in their niche. They then discuss the specifics of growth strategy John chooses to highlight.

He does an entertaining ‘lightning round’ where he fires off actionable takeaways from each episode. He even puts together a post for each episode that wraps up all of the people, articles, companies, etc. mentioned.

Here are my top three Entrepreneur on Fire podcast picks:

9. 1 Day Business Breakthrough – Helping Entrepreneurs Discover Their Next Big Idea Today

Hosts: Pat Flynn and Chris Ducker

Pat Flynn: Pat is an entrepreneur, internet marketer, blogger and speaker. He runs a blog called Smart Passive Income where he shares his experience in creating passive income for his online business, Flynndustries LLC.

Chris Ducker: Chris is the Founder/CEO of Virtual Staff Finder and the Live2Sell Group.

What is this podcast about?

1 Day Business Breakthrough features one business owner per episode – usually focusing on small to medium-sized companies. They discuss growth strategies the business owner can implement to help them fix whatever is hurting their business.

Pat and Chris wrap up each episode by deciding what each of their next steps would be if they were in the business owner’s shoes.

Here are my top three 1 Day BB podcast picks:


I’m sure you’ll find that at least one of these podcasts is what you’re looking for. I personally really enjoy Mixergy and The #AskGaryVee Show.

Am I missing your favorite growth podcasts? Let me know in the comments below.

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