Landing Page FAQ: When Would I Use a Landing Page?


Landing pages are a versatile tool in your marketing strategy, and it can be tough knowing when you should use one and when you shouldn’t. This short article will break down the many times when a landing page is necessary, and when you’re okay to drive traffic to a more general page.

When would I use a landing page?

Long-term landing pages:

  • Email-gated content – All
  • Free trial or demo offers – SaaS, B2B
  • “Get a quote” – Trades, Consultation, B2B, SaaS
  • “Book a Viewing” – Real Estate
  • “Select from Calendar” – SaaS, Spa, Gym, Physical Therapy
  • Newsletter Subscription – All

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All of these landing pages can be created at any time and continually receive traffic. They shouldn’t require much updating (though template design is constantly being upgraded, and there may be something new you might prefer).

So long as you have an optimized funnel delivering traffic to these pages (through your blog, homepage, etc) and are turning leads into sales, these landing pages can be relied-upon for months or even years at a time.

Ad Campaigns:

Both Google Adwords, remarketing and Facebook Advertising campaigns will result in a substantially better ROI if they direct traffic to a campaign-specific landing page.

There are a few things to keep in mind here…

  • Keep your ad message and landing page headline similar, to assure visitors that they’ve come to the right place
  • Limit navigation. If someone arrives on your website from a single campaign, be sure you keep them on track by limiting their options to go elsewhere.
  • Re-use images and graphics, as consistency across a campaign improves conversion rates.

You should be creating a new landing page for each new ad campaign you create. This is super-simple if you use a landing page tool which allows duplication. Optimize one page for your Adwords campaigns, another for Facebook and another for remarketing; then simply duplicate that page, change some of the copy and an image, and publish!

To learn more about creating landing pages for ad campaigns, check out…

When wouldn’t I use a landing page?

Your homepage should not be a landing page, as there’s no single conversion objective. That said, whenever you’re driving first-time visitors to your site (from social media, a PPC campaign, your blog, etc) you should consider where they’re coming from, why they’re there, and if there is an applicable conversion goal for them. If there is, a landing page is important.

There’s also no need to have a landing page for your About Us page, Resources page, or blog (though you can’t forget about driving results on any of those pages).

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