Landing Page FAQ: How do Landing Pages Work with Facebook Ads


Facebook Ads are a great way to drive traffic to your website. The targeting capabilities work perfectly for ecommerce businesses looking to drive a promotion’s success, SaaS companies promoting a free trial, even B2B companies targeting upper-management decision-makers for paper sales.

But, if targeting, creative and budget are important elements of a successful ad campaign, the landing page the ad is sending people to is equally important, if not moreso.

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This short article will break down an optimized example of a Facebook Ad and its corresponding landing page, including the elements which connect the two and keep them optimized as a combination.

The Campaign:

This ad and landing page combo are for a hypothetical “men’s weekend getaway” company based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Targeting both general men’s weekends and outdoor bachelor weekends, I’ve called this company “BC Outdoor Experience.”

Facebook Ad Example

This ad audience includes men ages 18-45 who are Interested in the outdoors. Facebook’s “interested in” targeting is the result of a complex algorithm which takes into account Pages Liked, Places Checked In, and more.

I’ve also targeted college graduates in an attempt to target higher-income individuals.

The targeting limitations give us a possible ad audience of about 130,000 men in British Columbia. WIth a $20 ad spend (daily) this ad should be seen by about 6,000 men on Facebook and Instagram. A CTR of .5% will drive 30 or so prospective leads to the landing page below…

Corresponding Landing Page Example

facebook ad landing pages

What Makes This Landing Page Good for the Facebook Ad?

  • Testimonials: The reviews/testimonials on this landing page effectively match with the visitor. Using people like your visitor (even to the point of job titles which resonate) is a clear best practice. Essentially, these testimonials say “If men very similar to you loved their experience with BC Outdoor Experience, you will too.”
  • Language: Creating a Facebook Ad prior to creating your landing page can be an effective way to identify your target market (just don’t launch it first…) This target market – young professional men – will respond more to “we’re f*ckin good at it” and “Craft beer included” than they will to a more formal tone. Language like this improves the chance of the message (and sales pitch) resonating.
  • Image: Just like with the testimonials, the background image shows a man of a similar age to the likely visitor, as well as being an inspirational picture of him looking into the wilderness with a large pack on his back. Inspirational images like this are great at creating an emotional reaction to the landing page.

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