Template Thursdays: 3 Use-Cases for a Versatile Landing Page


One of my favorite parts of my job in the past year has been messing around with the Wishpond landing page builder and creating pages which make me look good.

And I mean good. It doesn’t take much time, experience or design talent (thank God) to create something seriously good looking. You’d almost think I knew what I was doing.

And since our new designer Daisy Muñoz was hired on, the number of landing page templates we’ve pumped out has skyrocketed (she’s single-handedly taken us from 45 to 93 in the past two months).

Today we’ve released another five new templates:

  1. One for the medical profession
  2. One for the academic field
  3. A standard squeeze page
  4. An (absolutely stunning) app landing page which you just have to see
  5. And one for a conference

Now, all of these landing page templates could be used for something other than their stock design. It’s not hard to turn a squeeze page into an app landing page or a conference page into a lead gen, email-gated content page.

But the conference page, in particular, is full of potential.

In this article I’ll break down the conference page’s build and show two pages I built with the template this morning (took me about 45 minutes total – and I’m not exactly Daisy Muñoz).

Let me show you…

The Original Landing Page Template: “Speak Up Conference”

Breaking this Landing Page Template Down:

  • This landing page has seven sections (the full-width elements which give us the background color and house rows). I love a template with a lot of sections because it allows me to easily remove a couple and retain the overall design layout. So long as my color scheme remains constant it still looks great.
  • This landing page template has given me the visually appealing “box with a smaller box overlap” element prepackaged (the two white boxes in the second section and the four bio boxes in the fourth). I love using these, but getting the overlap right can take a minute or two. So it’s good to see. These elements are awesome for a benefit section, customer testimonial, “about the author” etc.
  • A couple of these images (the green overlaid picture of a woman looking away as well as the Golden Gate Bridge at the bottom there) can actually be used again, no matter what landing page I’m trying to create. This is an awesome time-saver.
  • The multiple CTAs (one at the top and one at the bottom) is also a time-saver. Everything in the Wishpond builder is drag-able, so I can very easily just take that bottom CTA, throw it in the section below (center-aligned) and remove the map section entirely while retaining the second CTA.

To start using this landing page straight away, just Click Here

The Landing Page Rebuild #1: “Middle-of-Funnel Marketing Ebook”

Breaking this Landing Page Template Down:

  • This is a great example of a landing page where I’ve removed all but four of the sections and retained the overall layout.
  • The centered headline in the template works great as an ebook title and it took about 5 seconds to drag the horizontal form beside the text at the top to give me my above-the-fold form and CTA.
  • I took the two top white boxes and duplicated one of them to give me an evenly-spaced three “what you get in this ebook”-type section.
  • I’ve also duplicated the form’s button from the top and dragged it down to the bottom (never a bad idea) and changed the color scheme very simply to orange instead of green (Wishpond will save your custom colors in the palette for re-use).
  • I took a quick trip to my favorite free HQ image source, Pexels to grab a simple book background. I threw a semi-transparent orange (as the image wasn’t conducive to either a black or white headline) over the top.
  • I could very easily duplicate the second section, remove two of the boxes and expand the third to be an “about the author” section. The textbox is already there and a headshot + left-aligned text would look great there.

Landing Page Rebuild #2: “Café Debutant”

Breaking this Landing Page Template Down:

  • I’m really proud of this page, though the parallax effect on the Golden Gate Bridge is impossible to capture with a screenshot. It turns out that this conference landing page is incredibly easy to turn into a restaurant, cafe, club, bar or spa landing page.
  • The large background image works really well for a cafe, as I want to feature the quality of my food, drink and atmosphere, and a large image does that better than anything else (again, I grabbed this coffee image from Pexels).
  • The map, of course, also works well for a brick-and-mortar location. I could have added a border, drop shadow or rounded the edges of the map but decided to keep it clean and sharp. I did, however, remove the secondary CTA from the left side, as the top CTA button is still visible. The page is short enough for everything, pretty much, to be above the fold.
  • I’ve retained the fonts from the original template for both of my landing page rebuilds, as Daisy knows far better than I do about which fonts go best with which. This is a Montserrat headline with Lato body copy. Of course Wishpond’s builder lets you import any of Google’s more than 700 fonts. But I prefer to trust our designer on this one.

Remember to A/B Test your Landing Page, no matter how beautiful the initial template. Here’s a quick video showing the entire process from beginning to end:

To start using this landing page straight away, just Click Here

Wrapping It Up

No matter your industry or niche market, landing pages should be a major part of your marketing campaigns. They receive traffic from every one of your ads, are a funnel for your content marketing investments, and are the best way to turn social media Fans into leads and sales.

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment section below.

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