20 Shopify Giveaway Ideas You Can Use Today


Looking for a way to get more sales for your Shopify store?

Giveaways are one of the best ways to do it. Don’t believe me?

Even Shopfiy decided to test giveaways out, and every time they hosted a giveaway they saw significant growth in sales, traffic, and followers across all their social media platforms. So much so that they’ve listed it as one of the best ways Shopify stores can grow sales and go viral.

Feel like giving Shopify giveaways a chance?

I’ve listed 20 Shopify Giveaway full proof ideas you can use today.

1. Shopify Giveaway idea: Host a Holiday Giveaway

One of the easiest ideas for a giveaway would be to capitalize on events, holidays, and seasons. If a holiday is coming up, you can create a giveaway targeted towards people looking for gifts or prizes.

Holidays come a lot sooner than you think, by October you have your hands full with Thanksgiving, Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas.

Giveaway Idea: Miltons Brunch Giveaway

How to Host a Shopify Holiday Giveaway:

The key to a successful Holiday Giveaway for your Shopify store is to plan ahead; rushed giveaways can give poor results.

Mark down the holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Black Friday, and add some fun to the mix with hashtag holidays that complement your brand, like International Coffee Day.

If you can try to match your prize with the holiday, you can go a step further by adding holiday-themed content to your social media platforms like the post, profile images and day to day posting.

2. Shopify Giveaway Idea: Shopify Product Naming Giveaway

Similar to a caption contest but not quite. A product naming contest is simply asking your followers to come up with a name for a new product you’re about to/or thinking releasing in your Shopify store.

Hosting this type of contest not only takes the pressure off naming your new products, which is a constant struggle for most creative Shopify owners, but it allows your potential customers to feel involved with your brand.

Plus the lucky winner gets bragging rights for helping to name your product, and you can reward them with the product itself to make it all the more worth it.

3. Shopify Giveaway idea: Host a In-Store Giveaway

Have a brick and mortar store along with your Shopify? You can use it to your advantage. Host a product or discount giveaway where participants win an all expense paid shopping spree in your brick and mortar store.

It would be best to use your Shopify store as the landing page or place where participants can enter to win so you collect their information and retarget them again for potential sales. You’ll also be able to gain more local customer both on and offline, which is always a win-win for any business owner.

4. Shopify Giveaway idea: Start a Referral Program

Another fast way to promote and gain sales for your Shopify store is to start an affiliate program and use it for your next giveaway idea.

Ask persons to enter your affiliate program or sign up a friend for a chance to win major discounts and prizes. This prize can’t be the same as the prizes you would give if they just signed up for your referral program. Your referral program giveaway should be butter up your customers to go the extra mile.

You can decide the winner for this giveaway in more than one ways. You can allow the persons with the most sign-ups to win or an individual sign up allows them to be randomly selected as the winner.

After the giveaway, you’ll have a good list of people in your referral program and can continue to encourage them to make purchases with exclusive discounts and prizes.

Giveaway Idea: Acme Business Refer-A-Friend Giveaway

5. Shopify Giveaway Idea: Host a Co-Promotion Giveaway

Partnering up for giveaways increases your chances for more sales and brand awareness because you’re combining efforts and audience members for a much broader reach.

Your partner in crime for your giveaway can be a fellow brand or Shopify store that matches the look and feel of your store. As long as your products aren’t in direct competition with each other, you can always share your customers and make more sales at the same time.

Giveaway Idea: Shea Moisture & The LipBar Giveaway Colab

6. Shopify Giveaway Idea: Host a Charitable Giveaway

When your brand is helping or fighting for a good cause it can make you look more human. It can also help you to connect better with your customers.

Fortune 500 found that almost 70% of millennials prefer to shop and work for brands that give to charity. A charitable giveaway isn’t just for show, but it can bring good brand awareness to your Shopify store, your brand’s story and products. This makes shoppers feel like their indirectly doing something good whenever they shop with you.

For your charitable giveaway, you can ask persons to suggest a charity that you’d like to give a donation or products towards. Based on what your Shopify store products are you can giveaway products or a donation. The winner, the person who nominated the charity, could win a thank you prize or discount.

You’d be amazed at how many people are willing to enter to help a cause that matters to them.

7. Shopify Giveaway ideas: Share Your Story Giveaway

Ask persons to share their story about what it would mean to win your giveaway prize. Answering questions like; what would they do with the prize or how it would change their life.

From there you can narrow down the best stories and ask persons to vote for the person they want to win.

However, for this type of giveaway to work your prize has to be worthwhile. No one is going to write or make a video about what it means to win a 15% discount.

You’re going to have to go all out, a year of free products, a massive shopping spree or days of free shipping, whatever it is just be creative but the bigger the prize, the more entries you’ll get coming your way.

But it’s worth it, this type of giveaway can be one the best ways to help your brand to go viral or get noticed by a lot of potential customers.

Giveaway Idea: Tech & Go Student Giveaway

8. Shopify Giveaway ideas: Host a Logo Design Giveaway

If your an apparel company or you’re looking for a new logo design for your Shopify store you can host a logo design giveaway.

This logo design can be for a new product or theme, or a logo for a brand.

Ask persons to enter by showing off their best logo designs for your brand. I would suggest that the prize’s value should match the market value of what a typical logo design cost, so that person’s don’t feel cheated or that they’re giving their work away for little to nothing. Bragging rights and a bit of fame can only go so far for some people.

Shortly after opening in Asbury Park, NJ, Dark City Brewing hosted a contest for fans to design the can for one of their beers.

Funny enough, if your business or graphic design Shopify store then you can give customers a free logo as your giveaway prize as well.

Check out Wishpond’s photo contest app if you’re looking for an easy way to host this type of contest.

Giveaway Idea: Meadows Chiropractic Logo Contest

9. Shopify Giveaway ideas: Host a Free Shipping Giveaway

CPCstrategy did a study and found that 73% of customers see free shipping as a critical component in their purchase decision.

They found that when a site had free shipping, it encouraged 93% of shoppers to buy even more compared to sites that didn’t provide shipping offers.

Since free shipping is so essential to shoppers why not host a giveaway where the winner gets free shipping on a certain amount of orders or for a period of time (i,e; Free shipping for three months).

Pro tip for this type of giveaway would be as detailed with your giveaway guidelines and prizes as possible. Let participants know how and for how long they’ll be getting free shipping so theirs no misunderstanding after they’ve won the giveaway.

Giveaway Idea: Free Sports Jersey Giveaway

10. Shopify Giveaway idea: Host an Order Giveaway

As persons to complete an order for a chance to enter and win your giveaway.

You can choose persons at random, or you can let people know that if they’re a certain number shopper for the day, they’ll win their order for free. For example, if someone is the 10th person to complete an order on your Shopify store you give them free shipping or full refund on their purchase as a prize.

An order giveaway can create a sense of urgency for shoppers so you can gently push people to complete orders on your site, which helps to lower your shopping cart abandonment and increase your sales.

11. Shopify Giveaway Idea: Host a Photo Giveaway

Let your followers show off our Shopify products by uploading images and let the best photo win your Shopify giveaway. Give persons the chance to submit their photos and decide how the best picture wins.

This type of giveaway helps you to build trust and credibility with your potential customers because you’re showing real customers who enjoy your product.

That’s why Mclellan Marketing says They’ll buy when they trust.”

After the giveaway, you can use the images submitted as UGC (User
Generated Content) to show off on your Shopify site and your social media platforms.

Giveaway Idea: Wishpond Photo Contest Template

12. Shopify Giveaway ideas: Submit Video Reviews Giveaway

You can ask your buyers to submit a video or comment about your product/services. You can decide which video wins the giveaway by the most votes, views or you can choose all on your own.

You can upload the video entries on Youtube, IGTV, your social media pages or a landing page.

If your business is on Youtube, this type of contest can help you to gain more subscribers and customers.

After the giveaway, you can use the contest videos to show off your fans and customers on your Shopify store and Youtube Channel.

Giveaway Idea: Seth’s Bike Giveawa

13. Shopify Giveaway ideas: Influencer Giveaway

84% of consumers trust influencers and peer recommendations over brand advertising.

Partnering with an influencer that matches your brand can be one of the best ways to drive sales to your Shopify store. Brands like Taylor & Stich, Fab Fitness, have successfully all used influencers in the past to do just that. Now it’s time for you to do the same.

With an influencer, you’ll have access to followers with the chance to convert them into a customer on your Shopify store.

Not sure where to start? You can use this Guide to help you get started with Influencer Marketing.

Giveaway Idea: Color Pop Cosmetics and Kathleen Lights Giveaway

14. Shopify Giveaway ideas: Host a Celebratory Giveaway

You don’t have to wait for the holidays to celebrate. Host a giveaway celebrating accomplishments or milestones for your brand or Shopify store.

Use the giveaway to launch a new product, celebrate your brand’s birthday or say thank you for getting a certain amount of followers on your social media platform. The point of this giveaway is giving back to your customers and fans that helped you along the way.

Giveaway Idea:Anna Grunduls Giveaway

15. Shopify Giveaway ideas: Host a Subscription Box Giveaway

Give your shoppers the chance to win a box filled with their favorite products in one go. Host a subscription box giveaway for your Shopify store.

You can select the most bought items on your store and turn them into one big grand prize. You can ask persons to enter by ordering at least one items from your store or spending a certain amount to help to get the ball rolling on sales.

Giveaway Idea: Subscription Box Giveaway

16. Shopify Giveaway ideas: Caption This Giveaway

“Caption This” giveaways are a great way to engage followers with a witty sense of humor. A caption contest is one of the easiest ways to show off your brand’s personality, help you connect better with people and attract more customer to your Shopify store.

You can ask persons to caption a video or an image. Just be sure to let them know if there’s a word limit or guidelines that they need to follow to make sure that their caption qualifies. When it comes to voting, I find that allowing other people to vote for their favorite caption allows you to take the pressure off choosing the winner on your own.

In fact, Wishpond’s caption contest tool makes it easy to build and run a photo caption contest on social media, your website and more. If your ready to start a caption contest today, just click here.

Giveaway Idea: Duck Dog Goose Caption Giveaway

17. Shopify Giveaway ideas: Email Subscription Giveaway

Ask your visitors to enter their emails in a landing page or popup box for a chance to win your Shopify giveaway. The winner can be selected at random and emailed about their winnings.

Once your email listing has grown, you can send discounts, sales, and shopping reminders to convert your leads into paying customers for your Shopify store.

18. Shopify Giveaway ideas: Complete a Survey Giveaway

Online surveys actually help to improve your Shopify store; it’s almost like getting a focus group just for your brand with product testing and real customer feedback.

Not only that but everyone wins with online survey’s, especially a survey with the chance to win a giveaway. Ask persons to fill out a survey for a chance to with a prize from your Shopify store.

Keep in mind that the shorter the survey, the easier it is for people to complete them and enter so try to avoid long drawn out questions.

19. Shopify Giveaway ideas: Ticket or Event Giveaways

Give persons the chance to win tickets for a “Night Out” or to a major event that’ll they enjoy.

The tickets you choose for your giveaway should be something that your audience would most likely be interested in. Otherwise, you might not get a great response to your giveaway. For example, if your Shopfiy store sells makeup products, you can find a makeup event that person is most likely to go compared to tickets for a rock concert.

Giveaway Idea: North Falls Weekend Giveaway

20. Shopify Giveaway ideas: Prize Sharing Giveaway

One way to make your giveaway more fun and engaging is to giveaway a “shared” prize. A shared prize is giving the winner a prize for themselves and another person or friend.

Not only does it make giveaways more fun but it doubles the chance of entries because it ups the chance of entries and people to share it with their friends.

Giveaway Idea: Ringly Friendship Giveaway

How to Run a Successful Shopify Giveaway Set a Goal

Before you go on ahead and start your giveaway here are a few guidelines to help you get it right on the first try.

Set a Goal for Your Giveaway

Creating a giveaway or contest with no end goal won’t give you the results you want to see.

Before putting time into creating your contest you need to define the purpose of this giveaway. When you set a goal, you allow yourself to see the bigger picture and create a giveaway prize or rules that align with it.

Brand awareness
If your goal is brand awareness, then you can ask contestants to use your products in the images or incorporate a creative concept that resonates with your brand’s message.

Increase Subscriptions
Allow contestants to give their email address to enter or subscribe to your email subscription.

Drive Traffic
If you want to drive traffic and increase conversions on your Shopify store then allowing your audience to sign-up on your website or be directed back to your site after signing up might be something you want to implement.

Choose the Right Prize for Your Giveaway

Choosing the right prize is one of the most important things to consider when hosting a giveaway. It can increase the chances of entries or turn people away from entering. So choose your Shopify giveaway prize wisely.

If your not sure what kind of prize to have for your giveaway, you can offer prizes like:

  • Discount Bundle
  • Product Prize(s)
  • Shopping spree (offline or online)
  • Giveaway
  • Brand Ambassador Title
  • Early access to products/services
  • Swap services with a compatible brand
  • Free trip or meal
  • Tickets to an events
  • VIP services or access

Follow Up After the Giveaway

Lastly, you want to send an email or do a post to let your participants know that you selected a winner, so they’re not sitting around wondering when they’ll win.

After the giveaway, it’s important to measure the impact of your giveaway to see how effective it was. Ask yourself “did your giveaway help you to meet your goal?”

If it didn’t then it means it’s time to go back to the drawing board and learn from any mistakes you need to avoid for your next giveaway.

With Wishpond’s Social Contest Suite hosting a giveaway doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. Get detailed campaign reporting. Use it track your views, entries and bounce rates in real-time. You can update your giveaway in real-time to improve your contest results.


So there you have it 20 Shopify giveaway ideas you can start using today to get your Shopify sales started.

Have you ever hosted a giveaway for your Shopify store? Or thinking of doing one, comment below and tell me about it. I’d love to know.

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