6 Proven Ways to Expertly Use LinkedIn Live for Your B2B Marketing

6 Proven Ways to Expertly Use LinkedIn Live for Your B2B Marketing

With nearly 700 million monthly users, LinkedIn has evolved into one of the leading social media platforms.

In 2017, the platform launched the LinkedIn video feature, and ever since it has been growing in popularity. In fact, LinkedIn insight suggests that video is one of the platform’s fastest-growing content-types, and is more likely to start conversations with members and reshared.

And with the launch of its new live streaming feature last year, companies have been leveraging it for their marketing endeavors. This year, LinkedIn announced that even business pages would be able to use the live streaming technology.

By leveraging LinkedIn Live, you’ll be able to engage with your audience in real-time. If you think about it, it’s more like a professional version of Facebook or Instagram Live. Live streaming is becoming quite popular among audiences.

Reports suggest that internet users spend a whopping 1.1 billion hours watching live videos in 2019.
Moreover, LinkedIn Live streams have grown by over 150% since February 2020. All of these stats are enough reasons for you to leverage the platform’s live-streaming technology for boosting your marketing tactics.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything there is to know about leveraging LinkedIn Live for your marketing initiatives.

1. For Hosting Virtual Events with Linkedin Live

Ever since LinkedIn integrated with LinkedIn Event and LinkedIn Live, it has become a great platform for marketers like yourself to host virtual events.

This digital platform allows you to interact with your audiences wherever they may be located and creates a trusted environment for hosting your event. Moreover, by hosting virtual events on LinkedIn Live, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with lucrative professional audiences.

Important tip: Before going live, it’s crucial for you to let your business page followers know about your event in advance. Therefore, publicize it to give your audience an idea of what the event is all about and when you’ll be going live.

In doing so, you’ll attract people who will be actively participating in the conversation when you’re streaming live. Keep the hashtags relevant, specific, and on-brand. Do remember to include #LinkedInLive.

Here’s how Rhett Power promotes his broadcast; he keeps it short and sweet while including some great hashtags.

2. Recruiting or Sharing Big Updates with LinkedIn Live

Being one of the key hubs for job-seekers and employers alike, one great advantage of having a profile on LinkedIn for recruiters and individuals is recruiting.

And LinkedIn Live streamlines your recruiting efforts as it lets you show off your workplace, answer any questions your audience might have, and introduce team members.

Additionally, if you’ve got any big news, sharing it through LinkedIn Live will be a great push for your marketing efforts. You can use it to promote job postings, welcome new team members, or highlight new partnerships. Also, you can use it for announcing offers, job changes, promotions, awards, or new ventures.

3. Use LinkedIn Live to Drive Thought Leadership

One great way to leverage LinkedIn live for your marketing strategy is to use it for demonstrating thought leadership. Use LinkedIn Live to talk about current events or trends in your field. In doing so, you’ll be improving your content creation tactics.

Expert Q&As are some of the best performing LinkedIn Live content. If done right, they can help in demonstrating authority in your specific field. Also, they’re quite helpful in promoting your services or product to the interviewee’s customer base.

Another great way to use LinkedIn Live for demonstrating thought leadership is by hosting a panel for experts and industry leaders, including the experts at your organization to discuss the industry issues and trends.

You can also set up a live broadcast for interviewing industry experts and professionals. Here’s how Pendo.io demonstrates thought leadership by hosting interviews to showcase team member’s expertise.

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4. Announce a New Partnership or Product with LinkedIn Live

Being a professional online hub, LinkedIn offers a great platform for you to announce a new partnership or product. In fact, with the help of LinkedIn live streaming technology, you can set up a panel with representatives from the partner company and yours to talk about the new partnership.

Moreover, with LinkedIn Live, you have a great opportunity to launch services or products. It allows you to walk your prospective clients through your latest services, step by step. Plus, when you announce the latest product on the air, your audience can provide instant feedback and you can answer them or even perform a live demonstration.

Here’s an example of how TAP Innovations made use of LinkedIn for streaming a live demo of DialedIn where they demonstrate how to use their “Admin Tool” efficiently. This not only helped customers in learning more about the tool but also helped TAP in promoting their new product.

5. Demonstrate Your Expertise on LinkedIn Live

Demonstrating authority in your field is an integral part of any marketing strategy. With Linked Live, you have the option to showcase your expertise. You can use it to share valuable guides with your prospects. For this, you can get feedback from your audience on what they would be interested in learning.

You can even repurpose old Youtube Videos or blog posts if you don’t know where to start. Reviewing industry highlights is another great way to showcase your expertise. This is true for both individuals and organizations.

You can provide monthly or weekly reviews of industry trends that are important for your audience. You can also offer your opinion on controversial issues, talk about upcoming events, etc.

6. Host an AMA Event with LinkedIn Live

AMA(Ask-Me-Anything) events are like interviews and follow the same Q&A format. However, here, instead of you, your viewers will be the ones asking the questions.

If you promote well, AMAs can encourage plenty of people to join the event at once. AMAs offer real value since you get to answer questions that are important to your audience. That being said, AMAs can be quite challenging as well.

Some viewers might come up with negative feedback or tough questions. If that happens, be prepared to handle them with class.

Here are a few things to consider when streaming live:

  • Because not all viewers will be joining your live session from the start, make it a habit to repeat the discussions a couple of times throughout the streaming period.
  • With live sessions, it takes time for viewers to start engaging so you need to stream for 10-15 minutes at least. As such, your viewers will have enough time to settle in.
  • Be authentic. Live streams can get boring in no time so you need to ensure that your video follows a natural and engaging tone. Avoid making it seem like you’ve memorized word for word.
  • Never stream videos that have been pre-recorded. Doing so will not only confuse your viewers but also lose their trust.

Final Say on LinkedIn Live

All in all, LinkedIn Live is certainly a great tool, and using it will greatly help in boosting your marketing strategy.

From educating, inspiring, interacting, and promoting your organization through this medium, LinkedIn Live opens new marketing opportunities for you to reach new prospects effectively.

All that said, remember to keep your broadcasting schedule consistent, and always make sure to keep the conversation organic and as authentic so your audience can truly connect with you.

Remember that like any other marketing efforts, it’s all about trial and error and so to successfully leverage LinkedIn and its live-streaming feature for promoting your company, you’ll have to keep practicing and learn what works best with your audience.
Hopefully, this guide will help you fight half the battle.
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