How to Get Verified on TikTok in 7 Easy Steps


Have you wondered how to get verified on TikTok and secure that coveted blue checkmark? Unlike Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you can’t apply to TikTok for verification, which leaves many wondering what they need to do in order to do to get their account verified.

To get verified, your account needs to match a strict set of requirements set out by TikTok. The goal is to protect high-profile accounts and popular creators at risk of having their accounts impersonated.

Having your account verified signals to users that it is an official brand channel, giving your brand a boost by adding legitimacy, authenticity, and credibility to your profile, letting new followers and potential followers know you are exactly who you say you are!

Interested to find out what criteria TikTok uses to verify accounts? In this blog post, we’ll cover all the important factors you need to consider if you’re trying to get your TikTok account verified.

What does getting verified on TikTok mean?

TikTok Verified Account

A blue tick on the platform means that the TikTok team has confirmed that the account belongs to the person using it.

In other words, if you encounter a verified account, you can be sure that they are who they say they are.

If you’re verified on TikTok, the blue tick will show up next to your name in both search results and on your profile.

Generally, a verified account is reserved for those at risk of having their account copied, such as celebrities, brands, and public figures.

Why get verified on TikTok?

You probably know most reasons why one should get verified on TikTok. Just like on other platforms, a verification badge offers a number of benefits. These include:

More Authenticity

Verified accounts seem more authentic and sincere than regular accounts because they let your followers know that they’re interacting with a real person.

Increased Exposure

Because TikTok knows that content from a verified account is something that people want to see, the platform ensures that such content gets shown to more people and more often than content from regular accounts.

Added Credibility

A verified badge builds trust among other TikTok users, meaning that they are more likely to share your content with friends, increasing your reach.

Additionally, other verified accounts are more likely to respond to an account with the blue badge, meaning that being verified increases the chances that celebrities and influencers will respond to your comments or DMs, opening up opportunities for business partnerships.

Can you request verification of a TikTok account?

Unlike other platforms like Twitter and Instagram, you can’t request verification on TikTok.

Instead, the TikTok team looks for TikTok accounts that match its verification criteria and awards their account the blue tick.

Can I buy TikTok verification?

TikTok Verification Scam

No, you can’t buy TikTok verification, and anyone that says they can organize a TikTok verified badge for your account in exchange for money is trying to scam you!

If you meet the requirements for a verified account and pass TikTok’s verification process, they will provide you with a verified TikTok account for free.

How to get verified on TikTok

Now that you’ve seen that it’s up to the TikTok team to decide who gets a blue tick, you may be wonder how to get verified on TikTok.

To get a TikTok verified account, your TikTok account needs to match certain criteria. These include the following:

1. Increase Daily Followers

While there are no defined numbers when it comes to how many followers you should be gaining per day, consistent daily follower growth remains an important factor for verification.

Some experts estimate you should aim for an increase of 500 – 2,000 followers daily.

2. Grow Watch Time

Another important factor for gaining the blue checkmark is a consistent rise in your average watch time and views.

While it may seem obvious, creating content that viewers want to watch until the end or even multiple times is the best way to achieve watch time growth.

One way of increasing the chances of multiple views is to create a video that loops seamlessly.

3. Create Consistently Viral Content

In today’s online world, going viral is one of the biggest goals amongst brands and creators.

While it may not be possible to always go viral with on TikTok all the videos that you post, you can put in your best effort to make engaging content that has a higher chance of going viral. The good news is that the TikTok algorithm makes it easier for anyone to achieve this.

Ensuring you’re consistently putting out high-quality videos is the best way to do so. A few things you should consider include:

  • Using high-quality equipment
  • Paying attention to the details such as lighting and your background
  • Incorporating popular sounds
  • Find the best time to post on TikTok and utilize this. This is when your audience is most active.

4. Get Verified on Other Social Media Platforms

Verified TikTok Twitter Account

Having your social media accounts verified on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will increase the chances of your TikTok account being verified, even though it’s no guarantee.

5. Stick to the Rules

TikTok Community Guidelines

Like any other social media platform, TikTok has community guidelines and a terms of service that need to be followed by all users.

It should go without saying that for your account to qualify for verification, you shouldn’t have violated any of these rules, as doing so could result in your account being flagged by moderators, hurting your chances of verification.

6. Get Media Coverage

Viral videos are a sure-fire way of building a big following both online and offline, thanks to the media coverage such content invariably receives.

But even outside of viral content, doing your best to get media coverage by local, online, national, or even international publications is a great way to show those at TikTok that you are running a high-profile account that would benefit from verification.

7. Be Patient

Keep in mind that even if you meet all the above criteria, you won’t automatically qualify for verification. So you really shouldn’t spend too much time worrying about getting that blue tick.

While verification is useful, you don’t need it to grow your business on the platform or to build a loyal following.

Just focus on having a good time while creating the best possible content you can. If you end up being verified, that’s a bonus. If not, no big deal.

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Wrapping Up

As you can see from the above, the TikTok verification process isn’t complicated. However, it does require that your account is getting more followers every day, that your watch time is increasing steadily, that other users consistently engage with your authentic content, that you are verified on other platforms, that you follow the rules of the platform, a.

Are you verified on TikTok? What steps did you take to get verified? Are we missing any? Let us know in the comments.


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