Cyber Monday: 10 Tweetable Stats


Are you shaking off that turkey hangover (or maybe a normal hangover…) and getting ready to battling the crowds today? How about bright and early Monday morning?

For those of you on your phone, tablet, or even desktop, just chomping at the bit to tweet a stat…. at Wishpond, we’ve put together a few clickable data morsels to satiate your need! (and, hey, this gives us time off too!)

Here’s part two of our click-to-tweet stats this weekend: Cyber Monday.

  1. Are you a Cyber Monday shopper? 43% of people didn’t like the idea last year (source: Nationwide)
  2. This year, 46% of consumers will be Cyber Monday shopping(source : Marketing Land)
  3. Are you really working on Cyber Monday? 47.1% of shopping dollars were made from work computers (source: Marketing Land)
  4. 13% of Cyber Monday purchases were made directly on mobile last year(source: Marketing Land)
  5. Cyber Monday shopping increased by 17% from 2011 to 2012(source: Marketing Land)
  6. 11:25am EST – the peak of online Cyber Monday shopping last year(source: Nationwide)
  7. iPads rule: 90% of Cyber Monday mobile shopping was through an iPad last year(source: Nationwide)
  8. Deals and coupons on mobile: 18% of shoppers checked out discounts via mobile(source: Marketing Land)
  9. Department stores increased Cyber Monday sales by 43% from 2011 to 2012(source: Nationwide)
  10. $1.465 billion – that’s how much was spent by consumers in one day last Cyber Monday(source: Marketing Land)

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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By The Wishpond Team



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