With the rise of AI right now, your business should be making the most of all the different AI tools available. One of the best ways to apply this is in your digital marketing strategy

AI offers loads of possibilities for small businesses. AI allows you to market smarter, create more impactful marketing campaigns, save time, and ultimately achieve better marketing results. 

But with all the hype around different AI platforms and releases, how do you know which ones are worth investing your time in? 

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten AI-powered tools your business can use right now. These AI marketing tools cover all kinds of different functions to help you work smarter.

  1. What is an AI Marketing Tool?
  2. Why Use AI Marketing Tools?
  3. 10 Best AI Marketing Tools Your Business Can Use
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AI Marketing Tool?

An AI marketing tool is a software platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make decisions and automate certain functions. There are many different possibilities that AI marketing tools have to offer. 

Whatever the tool’s function is, AI and machine learning technology gather large amounts of data, analyze it, and interpret it to make automated decisions. 

This can help you gain meaningful, actionable insights and better understand your target audience. AI marketing tools also save a lot of time and effort, as they’re used to replace time-consuming human processes. 

Why Use AI Marketing Tools?

As AI technology is becoming more advanced and more accessible, there are many reasons why marketing teams are embracing it.

One of the main reasons to use AI is that it boosts productivity. While AI can’t fully replace human creativity, it does let you perform jobs that would otherwise require a lot of time, effort, and expertise. This means AI marketing tools can help businesses operate a lot more efficiently. 

It also means that small businesses can now access certain skills and services that weren’t available before. Instead of hiring people to perform tasks, AI can do them. This can make it much easier for small businesses to achieve more and compete with bigger businesses with greater resources. 

Beyond productivity enhancement, AI tools also let you scale your operations more effectively. Instead of relying on humans to perform certain tasks, you can automate many with AI. Again, this makes it easier for businesses to grow. 

Finally, AI marketing tools let you tap into a new world of opportunities you may never have thought of. By harnessing the power of AI, you can experiment with different content formats, ideas, and activities more easily. 

Ultimately, this helps your business do and achieve more in its marketing strategy. 

10 Best AI Marketing Tools Your Business Can Use

There are now endless possibilities and opportunities available with AI. 

No matter what your business does or what audience it’s trying to attract, here are the best AI marketing tools it can use. 

1. Wishpond AI Website Builder 

Wishpond AI website builder

Best AI Website Builder

A great website is central to any successful marketing strategy. As a small business, developing and updating your website can be tricky, time-consuming, and often expensive if you lack web design knowledge. This is where Wishpond’s AI website builder is a total game changer. 

With this website builder, anyone can create a killer website in minutes. All you need to do is choose one of the pre-designed website templates and add a few details about your business and what you want your website to achieve. Then the tool will automatically generate website text and fill in images for you. 

Of course, you can easily update this with the drag-and-drop editor. You can also create the website using the straightforward edit and then use the AI functionality to refine and enhance your existing website. 

This is the easiest tool for any business to build a new website from scratch, create landing pages, or easily update its website when needed. 

Beyond the AI functionality, Wishpond’s Website Builder is also optimized for marketing and comes equipped with a range of useful marketing functions, like popups, online forms, an appointment booking calendar, integrated email marketing, and more. 

Main Features

  • Template-based drag-and-drop website builder
  • AI-generated website copy
  • AI-generated website images and graphics
  • AI refinements to your existing website
  • Wide range of built-in marketing tools

2. Jasper AI

Jasper AI

Best AI Copywriting Tool

Jasper AI is an AI-powered content creation platform. If you’re after AI writing tools, then Jasper is hands-down one of the most advanced tools available. Jasper AI allows you to create all kinds of different marketing copy at the click of a button – including complete blog posts.

The platform is designed to create human-like marketing copy, such as video scripts, website copy, marketing emails, social media captions, and more. However, the most popular use of Jasper AI is to generate blog content using the platform’s “Boss Mode.”

Jasper AI stands out for its exceptional accuracy and human-like tone compared to other AI writers and chat tools. The platform can create content in a wide range of styles and voices to match your brand perfectly. If you’re looking to generate speedy social media copy or increase your content output, Jasper AI is one of the best tools out there.

Jasper AI also offers a useful integration with Surfer, which helps you generate AI content optimized for SEO. This is a very handy feature that many other AI chat tools struggle to achieve. 

Main Features

  • AI-powered long-from content writer
  • Natural-sounding chat tool
  • Jasper Chrome extension
  • AI-powered art
  • Surfer SEO integration

3. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO

Best AI Marketing Tool for SEO

Surfer is a robust platform that provides businesses with powerful features to enhance their SEO strategy. This platform offers various useful tools that help you write SEO-friendly content, audit your existing content, identify content opportunities, and much more.

Surfer’s content editor tool is the most popular feature of the platform. This tool analyzes your target keyword and examines the data around it, presenting an optimized framework to help you create more impactful blog content. This includes keywords to include, the optimal length of your blog post and other key factors.

With Surfer, you can also discover new keyword opportunities, generate optimized blog post outlines, check keywords in Google, and much more. Unlike other SEO tools that simply display data, Surfer’s AI-powered platform offers valuable suggestions on creating and optimizing your content effectively.

Main Features

  • Content editor tool for SEO optimizations while writing
  • Keyword research
  • Content audit
  • Content planner
  • SERP analyzer

4. Acrolinx


Best AI Marketing Tool for Scaling Content Marketing

Acrolinx is an AI marketing tool that helps businesses create more compelling content that aligns perfectly with their brand. With this platform, you can enhance the quality of your existing content to better fit your brand parameters.

Acrolinx enables you to set your content’s style, tone, and grammar preferences and then optimizes your content to match these parameters. Additionally, you can include company-specific wording that you want to incorporate into your content.

Acrolinx provides actionable suggestions to strengthen all areas of your content creation, saving you hours of time auditing and editing your content. This tool enables you to make smart optimizations in minutes, so you can focus on creating exceptional content that aligns with your brand.

The platform also makes it much easier to scale up a consistent content marketing plan with less effort and input.

Main Features

  • Content governance for marketing teams
  • Content checking for product teams
  • Content features for support teams

5. Canva

Canva AI

Best AI-Powered Graphic Design Tool

You’ve almost certainly used Canva at some point for your small business’s graphic design needs. It’s an easy-to-use, straightforward graphic design tool with plenty of great features. 

Now, Canva has introduced new AI functionality to help you do even more with the platform. 

Canva’s AI image generator is free to use and can help non-designers create more impactful visual content. The platform includes features like:

  • Generating images from text
  • Access to various art styles
  • Magic Edit
  • Magic Eraser (Pro users)
  • Enhance your images
  • Photo effects & filters
  • Add Text to Photo
  • One-click background remover (Pro users)

These features are all made available on top of Canva’s existing graphic design solution. If you’re looking for an easy graphic design platform instead of choosing a graphic design service, then Canva’s new AI features are worth trying.

Main Features

  • AI-powered text-to-image generator
  • Intuitive graphic design interface
  • Templates and graphics available

6.  Braxy


Best AI Marketing Tool for Paid Advertising Campaigns

Running Google Ad campaigns for your business is one of the best ways to attract your target audience fast. The problem is it can be pretty confusing setting up your Google Ad campaigns and making sure they’re set up to achieve the best possible ROI. This is where Braxy is such an awesome tool.

Braxy is an AI-driven platform designed to help small businesses set up and manage their Google Ads campaigns. The platform assists you in creating and optimizing ads, identifying the most effective keywords to bid on, and improving your campaigns’ overall impact.

If you lack experience setting up paid ad campaigns or are short on time, Braxy is a valuable tool to help you run your first Google Ads campaign effectively. It’s quick, easy to use, and achieves excellent results.

Main Features

  • Optimize your ad keywords
  • Creates new ad copy based on performance
  • Creates ad reports
  • Automated ad campaign creation

7. Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense AI

Best AI Marketing Tool for Increasing Email Engagement

Seventh Sense is an AI-powered marketing tool that utilizes behavior profiling to increase email engagement. Designed to address email marketing challenges, this tool analyzes the best time and day to send emails to achieve high open rates.

By constructing a predictive model for each contact, Seventh Sense determines the optimal time to send emails based on their activity, providing a personalized service for each recipient. Its behavior profiling feature allows for the creation of individual predictive models, ensuring that every email sent is more likely to be opened and engaged with.

Main Features

  • Individual predictive models
  • Behavior profiling
  • Email delivery optimization
  • Deliverability audit

8. Manychat


Best AI-Powered Chatbot

Manychat is an AI chatbot that streamlines marketing and sales processes. This user-friendly tool is designed to integrate with Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, and SMS to help businesses reach customers through multiple channels.

With Manychat, businesses can automate conversations, engage with prospects, generate leads, and interact with potential customers. This tool is a valuable addition to any marketing mix, providing great results with minimal input required.

Main Features

  • SMS customer messenger
  • Facebook and Instagram customer messenger
  • Whatsapp messenger
  • Many integrations

9. DeepL Write

DeepL Write

Best AI Marketing Tool for Content Marketing

DeepL Write is an AI-powered writing tool that can enhance the quality of any type of written content. Whether it’s marketing copy, social media posts, or website content, DeepL can help you refine your writing to make it more engaging and impactful.

To use DeepL Write, simply input your existing copy, and the tool will generate a revised version. It can correct any grammatical or spelling errors, restructure bland sentences, and add creative flair to your writing.

You can select your desired tone and style to ensure the content aligns with your brand’s messaging. Overall, DeepL Write is a valuable tool for any marketer looking to elevate their writing and improve their content quality.

Main Features

  • AI rewriting tool
  • AI translator

10. Optimove


Best AI-Powered Sales Enablement Tool

Optimove is a marketing tool that leverages the power of AI to provide businesses with an extensive customer data platform. By utilizing AI technology, Optimove creates a comprehensive map of customer journeys, giving businesses deeper insight into their customers’ needs and behaviors. 

With Optimove, businesses can analyze customer data, gain invaluable insights, and make more informed decisions regarding sales and marketing strategies.

Optimove’s sophisticated platform also examines marketing performance and customer journeys to provide useful suggestions. 

For example, it can help identify which campaigns are not delivering results or determine whether some customers are being bombarded with too many marketing messages. By utilizing Optimove, businesses can take their marketing efforts to the next level and boost their bottom line.

Main Features

  • AI-mapped CRM journeys
  • Unified customer data
  • Predictive customer modeling
  • Customer success management

Frequently Asked Questions

Should AI marketing tools replace humans?

No, AI marketing tools should not replace humans entirely. While AI can perform many tasks more efficiently and accurately than humans, it lacks the creativity, empathy, and intuition that humans bring to marketing. 

AI tools can be used to automate repetitive tasks and analyze data, but human marketing professionals should still be involved in strategy development, creative thinking, and customer relationship building. The best approach is to combine the strengths of both AI and human marketing professionals to create a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy.

How do you use AI in marketing?

AI can be used in marketing to analyze customer data, generate insights, and automate repetitive tasks. It can also be used to personalize content and improve the targeting of ads. Overall, AI can help businesses make more informed decisions and improve the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

What can AI-powered marketing tools do?

AI-powered marketing tools can perform a wide range of functions. This includes building websites, generating copy, creating images and graphic designs, providing actionable insights on your marketing strategy, automating tasks, helping your social media marketing team save time creating content, and a lot more. 


If you want to run smarter marketing campaigns and grow your business more efficiently, then using the right AI marketing tools can make a big difference. The ten platforms above each cover different functions and areas of your marketing, but they can be used to save loads of time and create far more powerful marketing strategies.

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