25 Best Lead Generation Landing Page Designs & Examples for 2019


Do you have an awesome landing page? Have you done anything in terms of landing page optimization? Are you looking to generate leads, but think your page’s bounce rate is higher than it should be? Do you have B2B lead generation objectives to achieve?

In this article, I’ll give you 25 lead generation landing page designs, examples & ideas, including tactics for:

  • Optimizing your SEO
  • Focusing on value
  • Optimizing your sign up form for engagement
  • Implementing a customer testimonial campaign
  • and more!

Let’s check it out.

Lead Generation Landing Page Idea #1: Optimize for SEO

When it comes to creating a landing page it should be considered that the chief source of most leads is still search. Increase the chance of a lead finding your landing page in the first place by optimizing it with Google’s search algorithm in mind.

Optimize your Landing Page’s Title:

Your landing page’s title is what shows up in the tab. This is different than your page headline, USP or what shows in the URL. When creating your page in wordpress or with HTML, keep in mind the title best practices:

  • Keep it short
  • Keep it keyword-centric
  • Use long-tail format

What’s long-tail format?

Since the Hummingbird update, Google is prioritizing the context of a search as much as it is the keywords. Long-tail is this context-centric search format.

Think of asking SIRI ‘Where’s the best Thai restaurant in the area?’ She scurries off with that information and comes back with a response that makes sense. Google is designing its search to do the same. Instead of ‘Landing pages: 10 steps to Conversions’, test out calling your landing page something like ‘How to Build a Landing Page that Converts’ as this is what people will search for on Google.

Your title is what Google’s little algorithm bot sees first when it’s sent off by a web user’s search. Optimize your landing page’s title and that bot will see you first.

Lead Generation Landing Page Idea #2: Social Share Buttons

If you’re basing your landing page around a resource (like an ebook or a whitepaper), that content is highly shareable. And since Google’s hummingbird update earlier this fall, social shares are more valuable than ever. In fact, Google+1’s are now ranked as more important than link-building (something traditional SEO gurus are struggling with, to say the least).

Encourage social engagement by promoting your landing page on Facebook, Twitter and, especially Google+. And, perhaps most importantly (and simply) throw up a few social share buttons along the side or at the top of your landing page. This has been quoted as increasing the virality of a blog post, for instance, by up to 700%. Social share buttons can help that much because you’re hopefully boosting the traffic to your landing page with ads, anyway.

25 Best Lead Generation Landing Page Designs & Examples: Social Buttons

5 More Awesome SEO tips

  1. Use different headings tags (like h4 and h1) and bold and italicize keywords: the Google search bot sees these more than it does normal text
  2. Optimize your copy with keywords, dynamically and fluidly spread throughout
  3. Include an image with alt tags – this lets the search engine know what your image is about. Also will show up in image search
  4. Link to your landing page within your own website
  5. Syndicate your landing page as much as possible with link-building on forums and social media platforms

For more information about optimizing for SEO, check out my article How to Easily Optimize your Blog for SEO. Many of the takeaways apply for landing pages as well.

Lead Generation Landing Page Idea #3: Focus on Value

In order to encourage a lead to engage, you need to convince them it’s worth it. This means value propositions and a great USP. It also means you keep your landing page simple. You should be convincing quickly and easily. Ask your page visitor to read too much, do too much, and they’ll bounce.

Be Specific:

One of the main strategies in lead generation is limiting your landing page’s bounce rate to the smallest percentage you can. Realistically, you’ll be jumping for joy and screaming from the mountaintops if your page’s conversion rate is over 20%.

A recently-discovered best practice is that people respond to specific numbers far more than they do round numbers. For instance, quoting your business as having 80,000 customers is less believable (and therefore less powerful for conversions) as quoting your business as having 75,250 customers.

Keep your value propositions simple:

  • Make the benefit of your business easy to understand.
  • Use dollar values, percentages, the word ‘free’.
  • Don’t use too much page space selling the specifics of your service or your resource.

Benefit List:

If you’re using an email-gated ebook or other resource for lead-generation, think about your benefit list as the second point of your argument. Your Value Proposition and image draw their attention, and your list of benefits tell them, specifically, how they stand to benefit from entering their information and downloading your resource.

3 Benefit Formulas:

  1. [Number of things] you’ll learn in this ebook
  2. How this resource will cause a ’ [desired result]
  3. The [number of steps] to [a certain goal]

Lead Generation Landing Page Idea #4: Optimize your Sign Up Form

Your sign up form is the focus of a lead-generating landing page. As far as your lead-generation funnel goes, that entry form CTA is the equivalent of ‘proceed to check out’. So make sure it’s optimized for conversions with these easy steps:

Draw the Eye:

You want your entry form to be obvious – don’t hide it below-the-fold or with small font. Not only will this increase interaction, it’ll make it clear to visitors what you’re asking of them. Web users like things simple and clear. If they feel there’s any chance they’re being swindled they’ll bounce.

6 Sign Up Tips for your landing page design:

  1. Encapsulate your sign up form within a box
  2. Draw attention to your entry form with the brightly-colored CTA button
  3. Use a vertical or horizontal line to separate your sign up form from the rest of the page
  4. Include an action-oriented headline above your form fields (like ‘Get Your Trial Started’, or ‘Start Learning Now’)
  5. Contrast the color of your entry form box with the page around it
  6. A/B Test including a short descriptive sentence describing what happens when they click your CTA

lead generation landing page cta example

Balance Demographic Collection with Bounce Rate

Optimizing your entry form is about weighing up the valuable information you’re getting from a lead (details you can use to segment the emails/advertisements they receive) versus the amount of form fields it takes to increase bounce rate.

lead generation landing page designs & examples: demographic colletion

Pro Tip: Unless it’s absolutely necessary, avoid asking for a phone number. People are far more resistant to giving out phone numbers than they are of an email, or even an address. Spam emails are more accepted than telemarketing calls during dinner.

Let’s say you’re heavily invested in email marketing, and it’s working really well for your business. It may be more important to your business to know the demographic details of 10 leads than to know nothing about 20. Email marketing works best if you’re able to personalize and segment your emails. However, this is entirely up to your business.

One of the benefits of email-gating an ebook or other resource for lead generation is that you know people who downloaded it are interested in that content. Target them with similar content in the future.

For more information on segmenting your email marketing campaigns to get the best ROI possible, read my colleague Krista’s article 4 Strategies to Optimize your Email Segmentation.

Lead Generation Landing Page Idea #5: Customer Testimonials

I’ve talked about the value of trust symbols before, but I don’t want you to think that just because you’re no longer optimizing for a sale you can forget them.

Let’s say your page is focused around a free ebook or white-paper. This valuable content is email-gated, so there’s no real proof (apart from what you’re saying) that what you’re promising will be delivered.

That is, unless you include a customer testimonial, like a quote (I recommend including a picture of the customer, as it makes it far more trustworthy) or short video clip. If you’re asking for a phone number or email address, be sure to let people know – obviously – that you don’t sell these details or spam them.

Customer testimonials act as a social endorsement, which have grown in importance in the past few years. This is because, since Amazon, Yelp, and other sites made customer reviews such a huge part of a successful product, your service needs to do the same.

lead generation landing page designs & examples: customer testimonials

Pro Tip: Many businesses have found their highest conversion rates come from a landing page built around a photogenic customer’s testimonial. Incorporate an awesome case study for the value proposition with a large picture and a clear benefit list of how your page visitor can get the same result.

Lead Generation Landing Page Idea #6: Trust symbols

Establishing credibility for your business and product is one of the best ways to increase visitor confidence when you’re looking to generate leads. Examples of trust symbols include things like awards and accolades, or any other credentials your website or brand have (like being a BBB business). If you’ve woenege drked with impressive brands before, adding their logos to your page can be an awesome booster for your lead generation efforts.

lead generation landing page

This is particularly effective for visitors who are “meeting” your brand for the first time. Asking them to give you their lead information when they have little information about who you are is difficult – but seeing trust symbols can alleviate those concerns and help visitors feel at ease.

Lead Generation Landing Page Idea #7: Social proof

Social proof is another awesome way to increase the conversion rate of your lead generation landing page. Social proof plays on people’s tendencies to rely on the decisions of others in their own decision-making. For example, you could include copy on your page that references the number of happy customers you have: “Join 12,345 athletes like you!”

lead generation landing page

Another great example of social proof is a testimonial from your current user base – this is a genuine way to share real product experiences with your potential customers. When visitors are unsure about your brand or product, seeing that others similar to them have put their confidence and trust in your business can give them a huge push towards giving you their lead information – just another reason to keep your current customers happy!

Lead Generation Landing Page Idea #8: Statistics

Where words may fail, numbers can succeed. Sometimes, all the social proof in the world isn’t enough. That’s where statistics come in handy. Showing users concretely what’s possible with your product is a direct and effective way to convince them giving you their information is worth it.

Think results – an e-commerce app might say something like “We’ve helped our customers raise their revenue by 10% on average.” There’s no (well, not much) marketing fluff behind this, which makes it easy for visitors to comprehend. Be sparing with statistics, because it’s easy to overwhelm people with numbers. If you want to make stats an important focus of your lead generation landing page, try using infographics to pad these stats out visually.

Lead Generation Landing Page Idea #9: Benefit-oriented headline

Your headline is the most important piece of copy on your landing page. It’s one of the first things visitors see when they arrive, and it sits front and center on your page. It follows, then, that crafting a headline that’s intriguing and engaging is one of the most important things you can do when you’re optimizing your landing for lead generation.

lead generation landing page

If you’re struggling to create a good headline, a strong practice is to make it benefit-oriented. Instead of talking about features (“A/B test your landing page”), think of benefits (“Generate more leads and get more customers”). This brings readers to the “end goal” – the great benefits they can achieve by using your product.

Lead Generation Landing Page Idea #10: Bullet-point/list features and benefits

When you get into the body copy for your landing page, you want to make sure it’s as easy to read as possible. You don’t want to greet first time visitors with a giant wall of text they need to parse through in order to learn more about your business. One of the simplest ways to make your lead generation landing page more reader-friendly is to utilize bullet points or lists.

lead generation landing page

Turning long paragraph lists of features or benefits into a separated list helps to increase white space and dramatically improve readability, bettering your landing page user experience and ultimately increasing conversions. It’s a great practice for any landing page.

Lead Generation Landing Page Idea #11: Use power words

When it comes to copywriting, power words are king. The goal of your landing page copy is to command attention and convince readers that they should hand over their lead information. Whether you’re giving away an e-book or offering a free product demo, you need your copy to pop. That’s where power words come in handy.

Power words are an easy writing tool to master – they add flavor and inspire emotion in your readers, making your copy so much more engaging than it would be otherwise. For an awesome list of 317 power words, check out this post from SmartBlogger.

Lead Generation Landing Page Idea #12: Countdown timer

Countdown timers: we’ve all seen them on landing pages at one time or another. They’re so common because they work. Why? Well, countdown timers are a constant reminder that time is running out to take advantage of whatever offer is on your landing page. They create urgency, a psychological phenomena that causes readers to, essentially, think less and act more.

lead generation landing page

Creating urgency greatly increases the likelihood that your page visitor will convert immediately, rather than wait to make up their mind (or more likely, forget about it altogether). Even if you don’t want to add a countdown timer, adding copy that says something like “act now”, “don’t wait”, or “this offer only lasts until…” can be the secret to getting more of your lead generation landing page visitors to convert.

Lead Generation Landing Page Idea #13: Action-oriented CTA

Like a benefit-oriented headline, having an action-oriented CTA can be the difference between bounce and conversion. Instead of using generic CTA copy like “submit” or “go”, think about what you’re offering and create CTA text to match.

lead generation landing page

For example, you could say “Get my Free Ebook” or “Start My Free Trial” – these are both much more action-oriented and directly highlight the benefit you’re providing your lead generation landing page visitors. This makes the form-filling process more engaging, and can make the conversion action that little bit more exciting.

Lead Generation Landing Page Idea #14: Eye-catching CTA

Your CTA button is the most important point of action on your page. Your images and copy don’t mean anything if they don’t pull your visitors to click that CTA button on your form. Because of this, it’s important to make sure your CTA stands out on your lead generation landing page.

lead generation landing page

The simplest way to do this is to choose a bold, contrasting color for your CTA button. This helps your button pop off the page and draw reader attention. Bright colors are best for this, and a drop shadow doesn’t hurt either to give your CTA an extra little lift. Use a bold font for your conversion action, too – this makes it your (action-oriented!) CTA more clear.

Lead Generation Landing Page Idea #15: Important content above the fold

If you’re new to landing page optimization, you might be wondering what “the fold” is. It’s not some secret origami technique – it just refers to any content on a page that you can see without having to scroll down. Though we like to believe our viewers look at every little minute detail from the landing pages we so painstakingly create, they don’t. In fact, most of them don’t even make it below the fold.

That’s why it’s important that anything you need your visitors to see should appear above the fold. This reduces the amount of effort your visitors need to put in to get the information they require, and also forces you to be concise in your copywriting, which can only help your conversion rates.

When you bring visitors to your lead generation landing page, you have one goal, and one goal only – collect their lead information. This means everything on your page should funnel users towards this conversion goal. It also means, then, that you want to remove any potential distractions that could pull visitors away from your conversion goal.

This includes removing any external links – this is one of the only times you don’t want to link this page to other pages on your website. If possible, remove your navigation (menu) bar, your footer, and your sidebar if possible. You want your viewer to see the landing page you’ve optimized for lead generated – and nothing else.

Lead Generation Landing Page Idea #17: Match ad/landing page copy

If you really want your landing page to be a big lead generator for your business, chances are you’re running ads to drive more traffic to it. A best practice when running ads for your lead generating landing page is to match the copy you have on your ad to the copy on your landing page. This includes headline and subheadline.

lead generation landing page

lead generation landing page

Why is this important? People who click through an ad have clicked through because they found the copy engaging – they were interested in learning more based on what they saw on the ad. If they click through and don’t see any of the copy that originally engaged them, they’re quite likely to bounce. Matching your copy fixes this and removes the chance this will happen.

Lead Generation Landing Page Idea #18: Create an offer

Let’s get this out of the way: nobody wants to give out their personal information for free. You’re going to have a hard time generating leads just asking people straight up for their name and email. To drastically increase the likelihood that people will convert on your landing page, create some sort of offer.

lead generation landing page

This offer will differ based on your business model and product, but it can include things like an e-book, an informational document, an assessment, or a free trial. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try running a contest – this is one of the best ways to generate a large number of leads in a short amount of time.

Lead Generation Landing Page Idea #19: A/B test your page

When it comes to optimizing your landing page for lead generation, one of the most important things you can do is continuously test aspects of your page to maximize the number of conversions you receive. More specifically, you should be creating A/B tests for your pages to maximize their performance.

An A/B test is a test in which you serve two variations of the same page to the same group of people, with a single aspect changed (like your headline or hero image). It’s important to test only a single element of the page at a time so you can pinpoint exactly what’s affecting your conversion rates. Once you’ve run a number of A/B tests, you’ll be able to create a set of guidelines about what’s working for your business.

Lead Generation Landing Page Idea #20: Create different pages for different segments

You know this best: not all of your customers are the same. Your product or business has a defined target market, but it’s not homogenous – there’s different segments that lie within this target. One way to bolster your lead generation efforts is to create different pages for the different segments within your target market.

For example, a fitness center might want to create different landing pages appealing to people who are interested in different aspects of fitness, like weightlifting or interval training. You can create different landing pages for different search terms (‘weightlifting gym’, ‘HIIT trainers’) with content and copy more targeted to these different interests. Personalizing your lead generation landing pages is an awesome way to increase conversion rates and generate more leads.

Lead Generation Landing Page Idea #21: Video

With all this talk about hero images, we often forget other media types exist. One of the more prominent media types featured on landing pages nowadays is video. It generally takes the place of a hero image, and can be featured as a foreground element or in the background, faded out behind the headline text.

lead generation landing page

On one hand, video is great because you can use it as an explainer – it can help show visitors what your business or product is about, reducing hesitation in a way that’s easier to digest than a large amount of copy. Remember, though, that video isn’t always the best – it relies on people being able to watch it, meaning someone in a quiet office or on another device might have trouble with your landing page.

Lead Generation Landing Page Idea #22: Exit popups

You’ve done all you can to optimize your landing page for conversions, but it’s no use – your visitor is heading for that little arrow that will take away from your page and back to Google. This is usually the end of the line for most landing pages, but there’s one more trick we can use to turn this visitor into a conversion: exit popups.

You’ve seen an exit popup before – it comes up right before you’re about to leave a webpage. Implement these on your lead generation landing pages to minimize the chances that visitors will bounce. Attention-grabbing copy like “wait!” or “stop!” can pull viewers into rethinking your offer, and an additional offer (for example, an extra 10% off) can help sweeten the deal. Remember, these are people who would otherwise not be customers; pull out all the stops to turn them into leads.

Lead Generation Landing Page Idea #23: Directional cues

When it comes to lead generation, you want to point your visitors in the right direction. Literally. Do this by adding directional cues to the elements of your page you want your visitors to focus on. A directional cue comes (most obviously) in the form of an arrow, but can also be more subtle (for example, eyes in photos).

lead generation landing page

What this does is gently point page viewers’ attention to the most important parts of your page – usually your form, your CTA, or a section below the fold with more information. This is a great way to pull focus to parts of your page that are essential to conversion. Limit the number of arrows on your page (one or two is fine), as they lose their importance and effectiveness when there’s too many directional cues.

Lead Generation Landing Page Idea #24: Visual hierarchy

This relates to my “contrasting CTA” tip from earlier. Employ visual hierarchy to organize the elements on your page in a way that emphasizes the most important elements first. Generally, elements that are higher up and on the left of the page are seen first. On the other hand, using brighter colors (think a bright blue form on an otherwise neutral page), shadows, and bolder fonts can pull attention to specific elements on a page.

Highlighting important page pieces like your form, offer, or conversion action can go a long way towards streamlining your viewers’ experiences on your page – making sure they see what you want them to see, in the order you want them to see it.

Lead Generation Landing Page Idea #25: Avoid negative suggestion

At first glance, adding some copy to your form that addresses common concerns might seem like a good way to reduce hesitation and increase conversion rates. For example, you might want to add “we won’t spam you” or “we won’t share your information with anyone” to your page.

These might be reassuring sentences, but they’re only good if these were concerns a majority of your visitors had to begin with. If they weren’t aware of them, then you’ve just made them aware, and this might actually end up decreasing your conversion rate in the long run. I’d avoid these as much as possible unless you have concrete feedback that a specific concern is affecting your page performance.


Hopefully you now have a better idea of how to work on landing page optimization for lead generation. Be sure to prioritize your entry form, communicate simply and accurately, and use a customer testimonial to convince your possible lead to convert.

Further Reading:

Have you had success optimizing your landing page for lead generation versus sale? Are there any other variables you’d add to this list? Start the conversation below!


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