6 Best Facebook Ads for Restaurants


The restaurant industry has always been a competitive one, and digital marketing for restaurants is becoming increasingly important to stay ahead. Email marketing, online community engagement, and social media marketing are now crucial skills for successful restauranteurs.

Facebook has proven itself a mainstay, and provides robust guidelines on how to use the platform. However, there are an array of ads on the platform that show the subtle and direct ways you can take advantage of the medium to gain followers, attract business and draw attention to your brand.

Here are 6 Facebook ads that grabbed our attention for their craftsmanship, clever use of the medium — or just how hungry they made us.

Panera’s Bread Dangerously Yummy Macaroni

Video is eye-catching, especially when it’s of cheesy macaroni. Even more clever is that after seconds of the video playing, customers don’t have to schlep it to a Panera to grab themselves a macaroni – they can click to order one then and there.

Pro-tip: Adding a call to action right after your ad ensures you capture audiences right after you’ve stimulated their interest (and appetite). Here are 42 Call To Action Examples You’ll Want to Copy.

Second Cup’s Flash Fridays

Second Cup’s #FlashFriday post works on multiple levels. Not only does it promote its seasonal discount, but it also encourages followers to like or follow the Second Cup social media to keep abreast of promotions. Their use of background is also clever, keeping their messaging on brand and aesthetically pleasing.

Pro tip: Use your Facebook ads to garner more followings for your social — it’s a great way to increase community engagement and build long-term value for your brand.

Five Guys’ Behind the Scenes Burgers

Five Guys is a massive chain, well known for their burgers and fries. With a solidly established reputation, they can afford to be playful with their ads.

Here, they emphasize their friendliness and convenience. If you’re looking for a quick burger, you already know Five Guys will deliver, you just need to know where to get it. Given their popularity, there’s probably one a stone’s throw away in a big urban centre, which is why the ‘Get Directions’ CTA might be very effective.

Pro tip: Your ads don’t always have to directly highlight food – they can highlight your restaurant’s personality or convenience, depending on what matters to your audience.

Cracker Barrel’s #CrackerBarrelMoments

Cracker Barrel is an American restaurant known for its plentiful portions, warm atmosphere and friendliness. They capitalize on their reputation in this series of ads.

Pro tip: Use faces in your ads. Audiences respond to people, so if you can get your staff involved in your ads or social media, that’ll resonate with your audiences, especially if you have a strong local following.

Slug and Lettuce (via Kopparberg)

Partnering with food or drink brands can be a powerful way to elevate your brand. Popular UK chain Slug & Lettuce and cider Kopparberg joined forces for a summer promotion.

This is a great way of showing your brand to a new audience that intersects with your own.

Pro tip: Facebook is a social network — feel free to get social with your advertising! People come to restaurants for the food and the community, so feel free to partner with food and events with your Facebook ads.

Bella Italia’s Savings on the Menu

With 90% of guests researching a restaurant online before going, Bella Italia is doing half the work for their potential diners: as well as offering them a great deal and a trusted name, they’re giving them the menu.

Pro tip: Sometimes simple is the most effective: hungry people want to know what’s on the menu – digitize your offerings and make them available. That can make a big difference to browsers online.


There’s no one right way to do a Facebook ad, but there are great ways to take advantage of the restrictions on the medium. These companies highlight innovative takes on showcasing their products and reaching their audiences.


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