20 Tips For Amazing Real Estate Instagram Posts


As a real estate agent, you know better than anyone that getting the word out for sales is second nature, and with Instagram marketing now more than ever you have the chance to reach hundreds of potential buyers locally and globally.

Here are the top four reasons why using Instagram for small businesses like realtors is perfect:

  • Almost 40% of Instagram users have high levels of disposable income.
  • Ad returns are 2.8x higher on Instagram than on any other marketing platform.
  • You can directly message prospects on Instagram.
    Instagram is considered a digital portfolio for customers to review your real estate and work history/achievements.

Truth be told, it can feel a bit overwhelming. With popular real estate accounts with massive followers, and brands spending big money on ads.

So, how do you push past all that noise, and make a name for yourself?

When it comes to Instagram, there are three key things to keep in mind:

  1. Content is king
  2. Engagement is queen
  3. Lastly, your caption is the union that ties the two together.

I know what you’re thinking…exaggerate much. Still, these are the defining characteristics of a profitable Instagram strategy.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out these 20 tips to create amazing real estate Instagram posts!

1. Define Your Personal Brand

When you’re using Instagram for business first consider what your personal brand is all about.

What do you want people to see or associate you with when they take a glimpse at your Instagram page.

This eventually becomes your brand’s message, across all your social media channels, website, business cards, and in-person meetings.

For example, The Broke Agent is known for creating funny yet relatable real estate inforgraphics, memes, jokes, and advice for realtors. Their branding is based solely on comedically highlighting the reality of being an agent.

Strong branding guides the kind of content you’ll be posting to attract your ideal buyer/seller/follower, what type of hashtags to use, and lastly, how you write your captions.

It also helps you to avoid anything off-brand.

Finding your brand message can be hard; luckily, I found this step-by-step guide on How to Create a Powerful Brand Identity if you’re struggling to find an answer.

Instagram Pro Tip

Once you’ve determined what your brand is or isn’t, delete any off-brand photos or videos on your Instagram page. Remember, consistency is key when it comes to Instagram success.

2. Post-Stunning Real Estate Images: Proper lighting

As a real estate agent, you know that first impressions last.

The same rule applies to your real estate Instagram posts. For example, between these two Instagram posts which appeals to you most?

The one on the left of course!

Be sure to invest in good lighting equipment and a tripod regardless if you use your phone or a professional camera. These tools should always be in your “do-it-yourself photographer” kit. Poor lighting can distract people from appreciating the details of your listing.

Here are some more simple tips to make your pictures look more professional:

If you’re taking pictures with your phone, try to buy a camera lens for your phone, they make a world of a difference.
If you have a little cash to spend on a professional camera, be sure to read up on the various types before you make a purchase.

Here are some pro tips for taking great home photos… the easy way

If all seems too much, let an expert step in and take over. They can handle photo editing, lighting details, and will give you tips on how to frame the best shot.

If you plan to use a third-party company, however, be sure to plan ahead as photographers can take a while to edit and process photos.

3. Take Multiple Photos of Every Shot

Take multiple photos; it doesn’t matter if it’s inside, or the roof of the house. The goal is to have multiple images to choose from when you’re ready to post.

Think of it this way; taking pictures of your real estate is like taking a selfie; you don’t just take one selfie; the laws of Instagram forbid it! Take at least 3-10 photos.

Later, when you’re settled, you go through your images and choose the best one. You’ll be glad that you’re not stuck with just one or two pictures to post.

4. Use Editing Tools for Your Picture

Editing your photos can give them an extra lift at grabbing someone’s attention as they scroll through their Instagram feed.

Instagram comes with a built-in photo editing feature, but it only provides a limited amount of filters and editing tools. So you might want to add one of these three tools to your photo editing arsenal:


Adobe Lightroom


5. Find the Perfect Angle For Your Pictures

When taking photos for Instagram, consider the best way possible to show-off your listing.

Here are three effortless ways to show off your listing on Instagram:

1. Show It from the Outside: Most people want to know what the exterior of their new home might be, the interior usually comes seconds (you can add those details in the caption). Hook your prospects by showing them what it feels like to go home to your listing.

2. Use Instagram’s Collage or Carousel Feature: If your listing has more than one amazing feature use Instagram’s carousel or collage photo editing features. This allows you to post multiple pictures in a single post.

3. Floor Plans: If you’re in the business of selling pre-builds or new housing developments, why not share floor plans of the new homes?

Real estate agent Grant Muller occasionally showcases floorplans and layouts to buyers who want the first scoop when properties become available on the market.

6. Capture Videos of Your Listing

Now that we’ve covered images, it’s time for video. By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017. Don’t get left behind; start recording some videos.

Not only is using video an essential part of any marketing plan, but social media posts with video have 48% more views than static images. The more views your listing has, the greater it’s chance it’ll catch a potential buyer’s eye.

For starters, you can do a short video walking through your listing.

You can also try to incorporate live 360 videos for your Instagram Story or IGTV; you can post a recap in your feed to make your followers curious enough to check out your live update.

7. Use Before and After Posts

There’s something about seeing before and after photos that seems to connect with people.

But the psychology behind why “before and after” pictures helps increase conversions is simple.

Before and after marketing helps to persuade your prospect that you can deliver them the best results for their money.

This technique is especially useful if you’re a realtor who sells flipped or renovated houses.

8. Harness the Power of Quotes

Lighten the mood with some fun real estate quotes or spark a conversation with your followers, get feedback, or make them laugh.

The point of posting quotes on Instagram is to drive engagement. Engagement is what gets the ball rolling when you’re looking for prospects for your listings.

A comment, like or share, can start a conversation and lead to a sale.

Your quotes should follow your brand’s persona or core messaging. If it’s caring, have a heartfelt quote. Likewise, if your brand’s persona is comedic, then think about creating funny quotes.

9. Show Behind the Scenes

Share your behind the scenes with your followers. It makes you seem relatable, authentic, and approachable, which can be a challenge when you’re posting images on a digital platform.

Toronto realtor Will Doyle’s Instagram posts are well-balanced with listings, behind the scenes, and his day-to-day activities.

10. Take Pictures of Local Attractions, Restaurants & Businesses

Posting images of a properties surroundings like restaurants and attractions can help your listing to look even more appealing. This gives potential clients a sneak peek into their dream neighborhood.

Shoot a short video walking through the neighborhood, take pictures of retreats and community parties. Ensure that when customers look at your pictures, they want to consider moving to that area.

11. Post About Your Clients

Show off your clients for your next Instagram real estate post. Once you’ve closed a deal or your handing over the keys to the new owner, ask the client’s permission to take a picture to commemorate the day.

Please don’t be the relator who forces your clients to hold up a “for sale” sign or ask them to hold up their keys in excitement, remember it’s all about them, not you.

Instagram Pro Tip

Always be respectful and try to make your client feel comfortable when you’re capturing the moment. People can easily see when someone’s uncomfortable in a picture, no matter how hard they smile.

12. Give Tips for Buyers & Sellers

Instagram can be a great platform for gaining credibility as a knowledgeable realtor. You have two main target audiences to help: buyers and sellers. You can provide tips for both or just one.

New sellers and buyers are always hesitant to take the first step because they’re afraid of following bad advice; that’s where you come in, with your amazing real estate tips.

Think of fun and educational real estate infographics that you can share on Instagram. You can also easily create Instagram sized graphics (1080 by 1080 pixels) with Canva. Choose from hundreds of templates, text, pictures, and layouts.

13. Give People a Sneak Peak into your Life

Believe it or not, some people are curious about what realtors do on a regular day. You can use this as an opportunity to put a face to your real estate brand.

You can start by posting images that answer the question, “Who am I?, or how can I help?

Your day to day can be as simple as:

  • Helping with renovations
  • Grabbing coffee
  • Going for a run
  • Community service

People want to pick a realtor that they can trust and more importantly connect with because they’re going to be trusting you to help them buy or sell their dream home.

This type of post shows them that your human. That there’s more to you than your job title.

Instagram Pro Tip

Try not to put too much of your personal life on your Instagram. You may want to consider using a 20/80 ratio of your life vs real estate content maintain a professional balance.

14. Give Live Updates for Open Houses

For your next open house, do live updates. Let your followers know in advance when and where you’ll be doing your open house.

Create a video or take a series of pictures of the listing to give customers a little taste of what to expect if they decide to attend in person.

For anyone unable to attend, go live on your Instagram story or upload a video to your IGTV the day after your open house ends.

15. Use Real Estate Hashtags

Hashtags allow people who aren’t following your account to easily find you. With real estate specific hashtags, your content instantly becomes associated with the real estate community.

Instagram allows 30 hashtags for each post, so you’ll have to use them wisely. It’s also important to note that not all hashtags are made equal, be sure only to use popular hashtags in your post.

To give you a hand, we found the best hashtags for your next real estate Instagram post.

50 Best Real Estate Hashtags to Use

16. Use Branded Hashtags

A branded hashtag is a hashtag that’s created specifically for your Instagram account. For example, if your company is Sally’s Real Estate, then your branded hashtag can be #sallysrealestate.

When people click or search for that hashtag, they’ll instantly find content associated with your account.

For example popular real estate agent Chad Carroll the hashtag #TheCarrollGroup.

When you click on the hashtag, you’ll get to see all of the posts that use the #TheCarrollGroup hashtag.

Branded hashtags give you ample opportunity to showcase your business and give your brand some extra exposure on Instagram.

17. Schedule Your Posts Ahead of Time

Consistency is key when it comes to getting the most engagement out of your audience. One mistake most brands make when using Instagram is thinking that posting every now and then will help them to go viral.

A hard pass on that technique.

Thousands of posts are published within just one hour, so in order to be seen by your followers or potential customers, you have to post consistently. But at the end of the day, you still have a business to run, and you can’t spend all your time on Instagram.

The solution: schedule your post in advance.

Here are five social media management apps that will help you to manage your Instagram post like a pro:


This app offers daily or weekly reminders to post on all your social media channels. It’s great if you’re not social media savvy; think of Crowdfire like the social media manager assistant you needed but never had time to hire.


Buffer is one of the titans of social media management tools. One advantage to Buffer is that unlike other social media management tools, Buffer offers the best time to post based on your brand’s engagement.


Hootsuite is a personal favorite of mine if you’re looking for a social media management tool that’s simple and easy to use. You can also auto-publish, this means you can set a time, and Hootsuite will publish directly to your Instagram account for you without having to go back in between apps.

Hootsuite also allows you to read your messages, look through your feed, and reply to comments all without leaving your user dashboard.


Planoly is an Instagram management tool that allows you to plan, edit, and publish your Instagram feed. As a bonus, you can also schedule your Instagram stories without the constant worry of what to post next.

You can save hashtags and automatically add them to your post. Planoly also comes with auto or direct posting.

Preview App

Preview app is perfect for those who want to accomplish a certain Instagram aesthetic for their feed. Preview, unlike most apps, provides you with popular hashtags you can use based on your industry so your post can get maximum reach.

18. Boost Engagement By Following These Five Types of People

No man is an island. This is especially true if you’re new to Instagram. Make sure to engage, comment and follow these five types of people to grow your real estates Instagram account:

  • Past clients: Keep in content with past clients so your post can be fresh in their feeds as a reminder to them to refer you to friends and family, or do business with you again.
  • Current/potential clients: Let them feel like you want to engage with them on a professional level. This also allows you to do some research, see what they like, recent family updates, and more, so when you meet in-person you can build rapport.
  • Local business owners: You can connect and network with them.
  • Local community influencers: You can reach out to them as potential clients to build your online credibility.

*Local real estate agents or companies: Stay in the loop and watch your competitors to see how you can stay relevant or ahead.

19. What Not to Post on Your Real Estate Instagram Page

Most of the tips you’ve seen covers what to do when posting, but it’s also crucial to cover what not to do post as well.

Here six rules to keep in your mind when publishing your next Instagram post:

1.Don’t Slander your Competitors: This makes you look mean and lousy. No one wants to work with someone who slanders another competitor (even if they deserve it).

2. Avoid Boasting & Showing-Off: Doing this in moderation can help build your career, but going overboard makes your Instagram post sound like “me, me, and me.” And no one wants to work with someone who only cares about themselves.

3. Watch Your Language: Avoid swearing in your post caption or in a video post. Keep it professional, most buyers are parents.

4. Never Mix Business & Pleasure: If your Instagram account is for business, then only post relevant content related to your brand. When you mix business and personal content too much, it can be unprofessional.

5. Think Twice: Always think twice before you post. Ask yourself, “would I say or show this to a paying client?” If the answer is no, then delete that post immediately.

6. Handle negative comments properly: 44%](https://www.edelman.com/research/trust-barometer-brands-social-media) more people think that a brand’s conversations (including direct messaging or in response to a comment posted) are more persuasive than what a brand’s advertising ads. So handle them with care.

20. Learn from the Best Real Estate Accounts

If you need some inspiration or ideas for your next real estate post, take a look at the rising stars in the Instagram real estate game.

Here are the top 18 Instagram accounts in real estate you should follow:

1. Luis Iglesias

Instagram Handle:@luisiglesiasrealestate

2. Usaj Realty

Instagram Handle:@usajrealty

3. Pacific Union Real Estate

Instagram Handle:@pacificunionrealestate

4. Fredrik Eklund

Instagram Handle:@fredrikeklundny

5. Priscilla Izumi

Instagram Handle:@bespoke.realestate

6. Realestate_Academy

Instagram Handle:@realestate_academy

7. McKenzie Ryan

Instagram Handle:@mckenzie_ryan

8. Matthew Sweat

Instagram Handle: @sweatbrah

9. McKinsey Tutor

Instagram Handle:@realtormckinsey

10. Zelda

Instagram Handle:@urbanluxe_

11. Nicole Mickle

Instagram Handle: iorlandorealestate

12. Ian Grossman

Instagram Handle:@realestate_atx

13. Anne Jones

Instagram Handle:@tacomajones

14. Robert Khederian

Instagram Handle:@notenoughangers

15. Allison Chiaramonte

Instagram Handle:@allilovesnyc

16. Kane Manera

Instagram Handle:@kanemanera

17. Joyce Rey

Instagram Handle:@joycereyrealestate

18. Chad Carroll

Instagram Handle:@chadcarroll


Here’s a quick recap of the 20 tips for amazing real estate Instagram posts:

  1. Define Your Personal Brand
  2. Post-Stunning Real Estate Images: Proper lighting
  3. Take Multiple Photos of Every Shot
  4. Use Editing Tools for Your Picture
  5. Find the Perfect Angle For Your Pictures
  6. Capture Videos of Your Listing
  7. Use Before and After Posts
  8. Harness the Power of Quotes
  9. Show Behind the Scenes
  10. Take Pictures of Local Attractions, Restaurants & Businesses
  11. Post About Your Clients
  12. Give Tips for Buyers & Sellers
  13. Give People a Sneak Peak into your Life
  14. Give Live Updates for Open Houses
  15. Use Real Estate Hashtags
  16. Use Branded Hashtags
  17. Schedule Your Posts Ahead of Time
  18. Boost Engagement By Following These Five Types of People
  19. What Not to Post on Your Real Estate Instagram Page
  20. Learn from the Best Real Estate Accounts

Which tip was your favorite? Comment below and let me know.

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