8 Easy Ways to Craft a Shopify About Us Page that Converts Shoppers


When you’re crafting a Shopify store, a few basic pages need to be considered. Such as your FAQ page, contact page, and last but not least, your Shopify’s “About us page.”

Your Shopify about us page holds a lot more power than we give it credit. What we mistake for “just because” or simple eCommerce store practice could be the difference between building customer connect and loyalty to a drop in your sales and conversions.

Today I’m going to break down:

Why Do You Need a Shopify About Us Page

A Shopify About Us page is a collection of information that focuses on your unique selling proposition, brand story, and sales pitch to convince potential customers to invest in your brand.

You’re answering the questions, who are you, why do you do what you do, and why should I be invested?

Since your store is online, there’s little to no human interactions unless it’s with customer service. Your Shopify About Us page adds a “face” or story to your brand. eCommerce shoppers need to trust you to purchase from you. In fact, 52% of visitors to a brand’s homepage will use the About Us page to find out more about a company. Without it, you’d lose sales and trust before customers even consider making an order.

How to Create a Shopify About Us Page

Here’s a step by step guide on how you can add an About Us page to your Shopify Store.

Step 1: Login and Head to Your Admin Dashboard

Enter the login credentials you used to set up your store and head to your Shopify main admin page.

Step 2: Click the “Online Store” tab

Look on the left-hand side of your menu and click the “Online Store” tab for drop-down options. You’ll see an option labeled “Pages.” Click that option, and you can click the button “Add Page.” This will allow you to create an About Us page for your Shopify store.

Step 3: Add Content and Name Your Page

After clicking the “Add Page” button, you’ll be taken to a visual editor.

Title: This is where you’ll name your page. This will be displayed on your Shopify store.

Content: This is where you’ll place your store, images, video, links, and then some. The editor has limited functionality, so if you’d like to have a more elaborate or creative About Us page, you’ll need a developer to code it for you.

Visibility: Once you’ve saved the contents of your page, you can either make your page live, set it to publish on a specific day, or hide it until you’re ready to do the big unveiling.

Template: The page templates available to you will vary depending on the theme you’re using in your Shopify store.

After that, you should save your page by clicking “Save” so that all your hard work won’t be lost.

Step 4: Add the Page to Your Menu

To help make your Shopify About Us page visible to your visitors, you’ll need to add it to your menu.

Click on “Navigation” in the left menu after clicking the menu you want to edit. On the menu page, you’ll see menu items currently visible in your “Navigation”. Click “add menu item” to add a new link or page to your store’s main menu.

On the menu page, you’ll see menu items currently visible in your navigation. Click “add menu item” to add a new link or page to your store’s main menu.

When adding a menu item, type the name for the menu item. This is the name that will be used for the link. Whatever you type here will be displayed in your menu exactly how you type it.

The “Link” field allows you to choose the page you want to link to, when you click on this field, you’ll be given a list of active pages in your store.

You can either choose an internal page or type in a link to an internal or external page. When visitors click the menu item, they’ll be taken to the designated page or link. Click “Add” once you’re finished, then “Save menu” to make the new menu item visible in your store.

For more help completing your Shopify store, check out our guide on How to Sell on Shopify: 7 Easy Steps to Your Products Like a Pro.

What’s Included in Your Shopify About Us Page

What are the secret ingredients to make your Shopify About Us page an essential tool in the sales process?

The first step is to add information that’s crafted to ensure that your audience learns about you and why they should buy from you.

Next, start by creating goals. What do you want to accomplish with your about page? Do you want to leave an impression, push products, or use storytelling to find and build your brand’s tribe?

Once you have those two covered, You can start by including one or more of the following elements in your Shopify About Us page:

  1. Communicate a Unique Value Proposition
  2. Promote Your Staff
  3. Humanize Your Brand with Storytelling
  4. Don’t Make it Look Boring
  5. Brand Your About Us Page
  6. Use Stunning Videos or Images
  7. Highlight Your Testimonials for Social Proof
  8. Test, Edit, and Repeat

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How to Craft a Winning Shopify About Us Page

Now that you know what should be included in your Shopify’s About Us page. I’m going to show you how to take all these elements and craft a winning Shopify About Us Pages, along with real-life brand examples.

Let’s dive in.

1. Communicate a Unique Value Proposition

What is a Unique Value Proposition?

A Unique Value Proposition is a clear statement that describes your offer’s benefit, how you solve your customer’s needs, and what distinguishes you from the competition.

Adding your unique value proposition to your About Us page shows viewers that you’ve created your business to help solve their problems no matter how small.

Your Unique Value Proposition is whatever gives your brand an edge over your competitors. That could be anything as long as it’s a benefit a customer could find in your product, technology, mission, or service.

The key takeaway is not to be so focused on selling but rather problem-solving instead. So focus more on the features and how your product/service benefits the customers and make their lives better or easier.

Shopify About Us Example: Partake Foods

2. Show Off Your Staff

Your Shopify’s About Us page should also show the people that make your brand. Edelman found that more people trust a regular employee than a CEO or manager. Show off your staff on your About Us page.

Shopify About Us Example: Kirrin Finch

Here are some tips when placing your staff on your about us page:

People want to see the smiling faces that they’d like to meet, especially if they’re reaching out to your brand for collaborative purposes.

Ensure that everyone is dressed according to your brand. If your brand is professional, then button-up shirts and ties. If it’s playful, then graphic t’s shirts and pullovers are the way to go.

But everyone should look uniformed, reflecting the brand’s values.
Have a short bio on each member to share a bit more about who they are and what they do. This tip isn’t a must, but it’s better than seeing a title, face, and name.

3. Humanize Your Brand with Storytelling

Our brains respond to stories. We are biologically programmed to respond to them. According to the UNHCR, certain types of stories influence our actual brain chemistry, releasing oxytocin (a hormone so associated with social connectedness it is sometimes referred to as ‘the cuddle hormone‘)

One of the best ways to understand the importance of valuing authenticity and honesty in your brand story is by sharing it in a way that connects with the reader.

It’s your story, but it should still call out to your ideal customer. Speak in a way that they’ll understand and relate to so that once they’re done reading, you’ve won them over.

Remember using storytelling is just a softer way of selling your brand while keeping your potential customer’s interest.

Shopify About Us Example: Flourist

4. Don’t Make It Look Boring.

I know that your Shopify’s About Us page can either feel like an afterthought or something to use to brag about how awesome your brand can be, but please avoid making it look boring.

The About Us page may not be crucial to you, but they are to your shoppers. They have to be vibrant, eye-catching, or you’ll instantly let readers lose interest in your overall brand. And no one wants to buy from boring (unless that’s what you’re going for, then OK).

Here are some tips to avoid making a boring About Us page on your Shopify store:

  • Try to avoid being boring, add lively images, colors, and text that matches your brand aesthetic. Use your colors, illustrations, and photos wisely.
  • It can be tempted to write it all down, but avoid lengthy drawn-out paragraphs. Instead, break everything down into small subgroups. It looks more organized, and readers can pick and choose what they’re interested in knowing about you.
  • Use design blocks or grids to break up the monotony. It’s a seamless but straightforward way to make the content on your Shopify’s About Us page more digestible.

Shopify About Us Example: Meow Meow Tweet

5. Add Your Mission & Say It Proud

Next to storytelling is the mission behind your brand. When you share the Why behind your brand’s product and efforts, you give customers a more profound reason to consistently shop on your Shopify store.

Shopify About Us Example: Package Free Shop

Sharing your mission statement helps you to position yourself positively in the eyes of your potential buyers. It lets them know why your brand should stand out against your competitors.

Hint, if you’re going to put a mission statement on your About Us page, it has to be meaningful. Avoid sounding pretentious. Customers can smell fake a mile away. When you mean it and show that you mean it, you’ll instantly attract loyal customers who will repeat purchases because they know what they’re investing in with each order.

Shopify About Us Example: Rothys

6. Highlight Your Testimonials or Social Proof

Don’t forget to brag a little and show your Shopify visitors why they should “add to cart”. Sharing testimonials and social proof doesn’t just show that you are the best, but it helps build trust.

G2 and Heinz Marketing found that 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review. These reviews or social proof can come from paying customers, fans, or even trusted brands and outlets.

Shopify About Us Example: Negative Underwear

7. Use Stunning Videos or Images

Next to a boring About Us page is a bland page. Always add images or videos to boost engagement, leadership, and attention. Impact BND
found that when a video is used in eCommerce, 73% of people are more likely to buy a product.

You can also convey a lot more with video and images than you can with text. After all, they did say that a picture is worth a thousand words. If you’re going to use pictures or videos, here are some helpful tips to consider:

  • Choose a bright, clear, and professional product or headshot images
  • Videos can be embedded from YouTube if they’re long, or you can use gifs for short but powerful animations.
  • Remember to update and change images or videos yearly to avoid having outdated content.

Shopify About Us Example: All Birds

8. Test, Edit, and Repeat

You’ve always heard that it’s important to A/B test your eCommerce store. This also applies to your Shopify’s About Us page. Take the time to update, test, and review how effective your About Us page may be. This will help you to keep improving every aspect of your Shopify. After all, you never know which section of your Shopify store new customers will find or interact with your brand.

Here is a list of the best A/B Testing tools you’ll need to ensure that you get the most out of your testing experience:


Lucky Orange

AB Tasty



Making use of every aspect of your Shopify store is optimized for conversions should be at the top of your list, including your About Us page. Here’s a quick recap of the eight effortless ways you can craft a Shopify About Us page that converts:

  1. Communicate a Unique Value Proposition
  2. Promote Your Staff
  3. Humanize Your Brand with Storytelling
  4. Don’t Make it Look Boring
  5. Brand Your About Us Page
  6. Use Stunning Videos or Images
  7. Highlight Your Testimonials for Social Proof
  8. Test, Edit, and Repeat

But don’t stop there. Keep learning about the different ways you can create a Shopify store or marketing strategy that can help to supercharge your sales:


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