Facebook Raffle Rules Template: A Step-by-Step Guide

Facebook raffles are one of the best ways to generate traffic, engagement, Likes and new subscribers online. But the rules and regulations for running them can be tough to understand. And Facebook doesn’t make it any easier by making their own policy and platform changes all the time.

In this guide, I’ll shows you a complete overview for creating the official rules and regulations for your Facebook raffle:

  • Facebook’s Promotions Guidelines (and what they mean)
  • Best practices for Facebook Raffle rules
  • A fill-in-the-blank Facebook Raffle Rules template

Disclaimer: The following is just an overview of some of the rules and guidelines for Facebook giveaways. This is not legal advice. Please obtain legal guidance from an experienced attorney before publishing your Facebook giveaway rules and regulations.

This is only a brief overview and template of a Facebook raffle rules documents. It is not legal advice. You need to have an experienced attorney sign-off on any Facebook raffle rules you create.

Let’s get started.

Best Practices for Facebook Raffle Rules & Regulations

Let’s start with a quick briefing on the best practices for running a legal Facebook raffle:

Where you can/cannot run a Facebook raffle:

You can run a raffle on your Page’s Timeline, in a Facebook Page Tab and on a Facebook App page. But, You aren’t allowed to run a raffle on your personal Profile Timeline.

What your Facebook Raffle Must Include:

  • Your official Facebook Raffle Rules (or a link to it)
  • Which people are eligible to enter your raffle (based on their age, location, etc.)
  • A disclaimer that your raffle isn’t sponsored by or associated with Facebook itself

Legal Facebook Raffle Entry Methods:

You can ask people to do each of these actions to enter your Facebook raffle:

  • Like a Post
  • Comment on a Post
  • Post on a Page
  • Message a Page
  • Submit personal information in an entry form
  • Submit a photo, video or text content
  • Vote in a competition

Illegal Facebook Raffle Entry Methods:

You can’t ask people to do any of these things to enter your Facebook raffle:

  • Share a Page
  • Tag themselves in a photo that they aren’t in
  • Post on their own Timeline
  • Share on a friend’s Timeline


Like-gating is a tactic in which you force a person to Like your Facebook Page before they can enter your raffle.

Facebook used to allow you to do this with a Facebook Contest App like Wishpond. But, unfortunately, they don’t anymore.

How to Contact Raffle Winners:

Facebook was once very strict about how you could contact winners of your Facebook raffles. They didn’t want you using methods like Facebook posts and messages, as they thought it would lead to spamming. But they’ve since lifted those restrictions.

Here are a few methods you can use to contact your Facebook raffle winners:

  • Email (recommended)
  • Facebook message
  • Tweet
  • Comment on a Post on your Page’s Timeline
  • Facebook message
  • Facebook Post on your Page’s Timeline.

Email is recommended as it’s the most reliable way we’ve found to reach someone.

Click here to check out more ways to announce raffle winners.

Facebook Page Guidelines for Promotions (explained)

Facebook has strict guidelines of their own for running any kind of promotion, raffle or contest on Facebook. As of now, Facebook doesn’t allow you to run a raffle on a personal profile/timeline, so you need to do it through your Facebook Page.

If you want to change a personal Profile to a Facebook Page you can do it really easily here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/migrate. It allows you to keep all of your friends (they will be converted to Likes) and keep your profile and cover photos, but it won’t transfer your posts to the new page.

Let’s look at Facebook’s Page Promotion Guidelines (Date of Last Revision: December 27, 2016) as quoted directly from their Facebook Page Terms:

facebook raffle rules

What You Need to Know:

Here’s what Facebook is saying of these guidelines:

  • You and your raffle participants cannot sue Facebook or hold them liable if anything goes wrong with your raffle. They are not liable if something goes changes in the Facebook Platform that causes your raffle any disruption. It also means that a raffle entrant can’t hold Facebook accountable if a business run a fraudulent giveaway.
  • Your Facebook raffle rules must be accessible from the raffle entry page. Generally Facebook raffle rules are very extensive, so you will need to have a link on the raffle entry page that takes entrants to a separate page to read them.
  • In your Facebook raffle rules, your must specify who exactly is eligible to enter the raffle, based on their age (such as 21+) and location (such as U.S. and Canada)
  • You must follow all raffle/lottery laws of your country/state/province. Remember, just because you’re on the internet doesn’t mean you are outside of law enforcement’s jurisdiction
  • You must acknowledge on the raffle entry page that the raffle is not sponsored, endorsed or associated with Facebook. Most Facebook sweepstakes raffle apps, like Wishpond’s, include this by default on the raffle page, like this:

facebook raffle rules

  • Raffle must be hosted in a Facebook Page Tab or Timeline. It can’t be hosted on a personal Profile
  • You can’t use the following actions as raffle entry methods:
    • Share on an entrant’s timeline
    • Share on a friend’s timeline
    • Tag yourself (or your friend) in a photo that you’re not in
  • Facebook won’t help with your raffle. Even if they make an update that disrupts your raffle they won’t help you.

There are also a few Facebook Page Guidelines (outside of the Promotions section) that pertain to Facebook raffles. Here’s an overview of the one’s you need to comply with:

Collection of Data:

facebook raffle rules

What you need to know:

If you ask people to enter their contact details, such as email, phone, etc. or any images, videos or text, you need to make it clear on your raffle page that you are collecting it, and not Facebook. To comply with this rule, you need to use your own branding, company name and imagery on the raffle page and not say, in ay way, that Facebook is a part of it.

This isn’t something you need to worry about, unless you’re trying to trick people into thinking you’re Facebook.

If you ask people to submit any personal details, video, photos or text content, you must get their permission to reuse it in the future. This is applicable if, for example, you want to create a banner ad showing off pictures of people who entered your raffle.

The simplest method to ask people for their permission is to include an opt-in checkbox on your raffle’s entry form that allows them to choose to give you their permission.


facebook raffle rules

What you need to know:

In a nutshell, this says that you can’t ask raffle entrants to tag themselves (or their friends) in a photo that they are not present in. This provision is in place to stop people from spamming their friends Newsfeeds with erroneous content.

Facebook Raffle Rules Template

We’ve created an easy fill-in-the-blank template to help you create your Facebook Raffle rules. Keep in mind that this is just a guide, and you need to use a lawyer to make sure your rules comply with all applicable laws.

This template is based off of a number of past Facebook raffles done by large companies and small ones - generally in North America. There may also be local regulations that this template does not discuss, but it’s a good place to begin.

Wrapping it Up

Hopefully this article has given you a good foundation for your raffle's rules and regulations. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out in the comment section below.

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